The book :


No More Cellulite , No More Acne , No More Overweight 


by Wai Genriiu



can be read for free was the result of doing research for a book.

Originally we were just doing research about the relation between diet and the skin, but we found so much information about how food-substances can cause different diseases, that we had to publish that on the net first (the WaiSays websites).

Now itís time to present our book.




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No More Cellulite 

Don't you think it's about time that you get to know what actually causes cellulite? Don't you want to know why you have cellulite but some women don't?

They tell you that it is because of the fat, but you know plenty of skinny women who have cellulite too. And you hardly eat fat foods.

You have tried all commercial treatments, but your cellulite did not go away. The reason: Something caused the cellulite, and no matter what pills you swallow, what cream you use or what massage or treatment they give you, it will never take away the cause. If you want to eliminate cellulite, you have to take away the cause.

In this book is explained how cellulite is caused, and how you can eliminate cellulite by preventing the uptake of substances that cause cellulite. To eliminate cellulite totally, you need to adapt your diet. And that is all it takes: no creams, no massage-machines, no products that you need to buy. It is not a raw-food diet, you can still enjoy some delicious 'munch-foods' daily.

If you stick to this diet, your cellulite will be drastically decreased after 2 months, but it can take up to a year to totally eliminate extremely severe cellulite.




No more Acne 

A more strict diet is required to totally eliminate acne.

Acne is not at all restricted to puberty. Acne is not due to dirt in your pores, and you therefore cannot eliminate acne by the use of cleansing lotions.

In acne inflammations are caused by the accumulation of sebum in the skin due to pinched off sebum canals. The reason why not that many people have acne is because it also requires a high sebum production; only if much sebum is produced will the pinched off sebum canals make your skin clog. How much sebum is produced is individually different and regulated by hormones. But there is nothing wrong with the hormones that regulate your sebum production; though the level of particular hormones can be elevated, studies have shown that in acne metabolism of these hormones is not impaired. There is also nothing wrong with a high sebum production; it keeps your outer skin flexible (if it reaches the surface). Doctors can give you hormones or drugs (or you can take megadoses B5) that decrease your natural sebum production, but their effect is only temporary and can have adverse long-term effects (and severe side-effects).

The only sensible thing to do is to prevent the acne that is caused by food. In 90% of acne patients, their acne is totally caused consuming foods that can cause acne (in 10% the acne is partly hormonally caused). 

Acne is caused by the pinching off of sebum canals, which blocks the deportation of sebum. There is nothing wrong with your sebum production, it is just that the pinching off makes it accumulate in your skin, causing inflammations. In this book is explained how this exactly happens, and how  you can totally eliminate acne by preventing the uptake of the food-substances that make your skin pinch off sebum canals.


How can I easily get to know whether this diet works for me too?


You can try this free 'Acne Sample-diet'. Maintain this 'sample diet' for one to two weeks and you will very probably clearly see results.




No More Overweight 

We are increasingly becoming fatter. And because we do so rapidly, you already know that the claim that obesity is genetically determined is false, since our great-grandparents were not obese, and that is where the genes came from. Of course pharmaceutical companies love to sell us drugs 'that can compensate for our genetic shortcomings', but genetically determined obesity is extremely rare.

'They' also like you to believe that if you eat little fat and sugar, if you exercise and eat 'healthy' foods like diet products, dairy products, salads, vegetables and some fruits, you will not be overweight. So, that you have to buy their diet products. (And if that doesn't work, you must conclude that your overweight is 'obviously' genetically determined)

But Americans and the English consume less fat than people in major European countries, while the Americans and English are fatter.

In fact, if you maintain a diet that is very low in sugar and fat, you are telling your body that there is a lack of the right foods, which stimulates your body to hold on to your spare energy and to increase it's appetite for anything possibly edible. you can try to fight your body, but even if your willpower is extremely strong, you can never win over your body's needs and have peace.

And if you start working out, you will burn much more sugars and just a little bit more fat than before; the share of fat in total energy expenditure will be lower. When you are done exercising and you have used up the energy, you will have burned far less body-fat than if you would have utilized that same quantity of energy by low-energy activities like walking or shopping. The harder you work out, the less body-fat is utilized, but more sugars, and you therefore will be more hungry.


The good part is that your body wants to lose the extra weight, and will do so if you don't make it too hard on your body; by nature every animal (including humans) tends to weight the optimum weight (the set-point weight). Your body will automatically lose weight if you are helping instead of fighting your body.

We did not become overweight overnight. We did not become overweight because we eat far too much. We gained weight over the years by eating a little bit too much almost every day. We did so because we daily eat food that contains chemicals that interfere with the metabolism of the hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate our appetite. Our food contains chemicals that enhance our appetite. These chemicals are not there by accident; they are contained in so-called 'taste enhancers' which do not really 'enhance taste', but increase appetite, and are even physically addictive.


If you diminish uptake of these 'taste enhancers' and other physically addictive chemicals in our food, you prevent them from impairing the system that naturally maintains your natural weight.

And if you do not fight your body by refraining from sugars and fat, you will not alarm your body to increase it's appetite and to hold on to your fat-deposits.

And if you also learn how to prevent deposition of new body fat (described in this book), and how to utilize body fat most effectively (ditto), you will lose your overweight, naturally and lastingly.

Your weight should be determined by nature, not by the food-industry.





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