Part 4

Losing Weight Naturally 

and lastingly




You don't believe that diets work.

No, you know they don't work. You have become an expert through the years and yet... you hope that the next diet will work for you.

You see others who easily lose weight or who never ever gain a pound, while you not only don't lose weight, but after you stop the diet you gain even more - and are heavier than when you started the diet.

So what is wrong with you?

Is it because your metabolism is slow?

Are you getting older and therefore burning calories at a slower rate?

Is it in your genes?

There must be something different about you. You know that when you start dieting, you really - at least for the first month or so - really do everything according to the diet plan. You stick to it, and still you don't lose any weight. During this time you are surrounded by people who don't believe you are actually trying hard enough or that you must be secretly overeating. After a while you get tired of defending yourself. You stop the diet. "I might as well eat whatever I like and as much as I want to. Diets just don't work. They make me feel bad, depressed and lethargic, and nobody believes me anyway.

So, who cares?"



What is going on?

Why is it so hard to lose weight?




56. About Overweight 

57. Dieting 

58. Set-point Weight 

59. What Foods To Eat 

60. Utilizing Body-fat Most Efficiently 

61. The Glycogen Method 

62. About Working Out 

63. Part-4 Summary 




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