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Deryck ;Aug 2006, after 2 days
Hey Wai, I just wanted to inform you that a little bit ago I stumbled upon your website for the Free Acne Diet Book and I absolutely without a doubt have to say that I am more happy with myself then I have been in months. A couple months ago, I had just gotten home from college and I for some reason began getting acne in huge quantities for a reason unknown to me. The thing was, I never had acne before that in my entire life and I never got the chance to experience acne while in college due to the fact that everything they served that I ate was nothing but fruits, vegetables, grains, and salads. Well long story short, when I got back I started eating chips, fatty foods, eggs for breakfast, stuff like that and sometime the next morning, I'd suffer the consequences by having around 6 or 7 blackheads on my neck and cheeks. I started your diet fully 2 days ago and, It's all gone! They are now faded, uninflammed, and I can feel good about myself for eating right. Thanks alot, if I knew you in real life, I'd kiss you!

Jenna ;Juli-01, 2001, after 4 days
I have been following the sample diet for four days now, and my skin is beginning to take on a smoother, softer texture and a healthier glow. The previous eruptions are healing, and the only new acne I have are a couple of small bumps that began on the second day. I know that it takes three days for the food to reach your skin. Also, from my own research, it takes a while to cleanse the system entirely, and old undigested foods and toxins can remain in the colon for a longer period of time. The colon cleanses itself in layers, so it takes longer than three days to get a clean system.
Anyway, so far I am very happy with the results on Wai's diet. My shoulders and upper back are healing very fast. Maintaining this diet is a very small price to pay for the results I am beginning to see, not to mention, my energy feels very fresh and alive!
I will continue to post my results on here as my experience on the diet progresses. Like many of you, I have had calm periods before another storm, so time and dicipline to stay on the diet will reveal all.

Juli-14-01, after 17 days
Her diet is working in me, and it has enhanced my health and energy levels in many ways.


Started breaking out at age 11. By 15, had small pimples all over my face, and began antibiotics which I took over a 15-year period (stronger and stronger doses of tetracycline, erythromycin and, finally minocycline). During that period, I was also on the birth control pill (for it's original intent) for two, one-year periods. The first round my skin got better while I was on it, the second time I ended up with cystic acne (and no period for 2 years). 10 years later, I took Accutane after which my acne was no longer cystic, but I still had at least 20 pimples every day on my face, as one healed another would take it's place. I also, during PMS, would get pimples on my chest and back . This level of acne continued throughout my adult life. Being frightened of what the drugs had done to my body, I decided to just stick to topicals - Retin-A, glycolic peels, glycolic home care for years, SAV peels given at a salon (same at the Skin Culture Peel you tried), benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, Acne Statin, Pro-Activ, Murad, Serious Skin Care, blah, blah, blah. I tried every crazy mix of supplements and herbs. Then homeopathy. I tried all kinds of diets, including that Acne Miracle. I did read it all, and applied it religiously, it didn't work at all, and, like Branka, had no luck getting a refund, or even a reply to my emails. No kind of cleansing helped my acne. I did two liver flushes, a kidney cleanse and numerous colon cleanses. Two years ago, I did a kind of elimination diet for my asthma, which also reduced my acne, but the best I could do on that was 90% clear, and I really didn't understand why I couldn't get it completely clear until I met Wai on this board. I don't think Wai's diet is a cleansing diet, it works because you learn to stop putting things into your body that cause acne. She doesn't prohibit supplements at all, but if you read her book, you will understand how ill-advised they are for your health. She doesn't claim to cure acne, just to put you in control of you acne so you can make it disappear 100% whenever you desire. Nothing else has ever done this for me. 

Fay ; Juli-06-2001, after 2 weeks

hi everyone! i'm new here and i want to say that i've been secretly trying out Wai's diet for a little more than two weeks already. I followed all the instructions except that i don't include any raw fish or meat, any nuts or chives in the salad. Only lots of ripe fruits, the raw egg yolks and the vege salad. Any questions i had about the diet had already been asked by you guys so i had few problems.The results are quite amazing actually, considering i have severe acne. Two weeks and not a single new zit although the old marks are still there. My skin is so much softer and calmer now and after two weeks, i'm hooked on wai's diet! I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to go back on my normal diet and abandon wai's.

Anyway, i read that most of you on the diet complain of being hungry all the time! What i did was to eat whenever i was hungry and not stick to the 2-3 meals a day routine. Eat as much to fill your hunger and if you still feel hungry, eat more!! Don't forget about the salad though for the fats to prevent cravings. I think many people missed out ON THIS!!: I remember wai saying that if you feel hungry, your body is running low on sugars. And if you don't feed your hunger with food, your body will start utilising proteins in your body instead for energy.I also read from other sources that protein is not as good as sugars and carbs as energy cause using protein as energy will cause the protein to produce dirty by-products that may contribute to acne. So my opinion is all of you on wai's diet should refrain from getting hungry all the time without eating anything. Wai, am I accurate in saying this? Ooops sorry i forgot to thank you from the beginning of the post. Thank you sooo much Wai, I'm really grateful for the diet and all your tireless contributions.

Goracergo ; Juli-02-01, after 3 days

Im on day 3 plus of the diet. All of the yellow gunk from my former pimples are gone and my face is looking alot better. All my pimples are in remission. I love how am feeling with this diet. At this rate I should be clear by next weekend hopefully. Then its time to get a peel done to even out all those red marks and one hyperpigmentation scars. 

Juli-07-2001, after 7 days

Im on day 7+ of the diet. One new pimple on face and two on back but its because of the shelled raw brazil nuts that I purchased at Wild Oats. You need to buy the nuts with the shell on them then take the shell off. ANyhow, complexion improves everyday, old red marks are healing quite fast and I am ecstatic. Honestly, I could never imagine a day where I looked so good. On b5 my face never looked this good and I had an average of 3-5 active pimples on my face at one time. Now i have a very small active pimple on my face, but this is due to the fact that I had ALOT of brazil nuts in one day, and they were the wrong kind. DOH! Continued success to everyone on this amazing diet.


"Day 16 or 17? "
Its been too long to count... Anyhow, complexion keeps improving, the acne is gone, and Ive had no new pimples since a couple days ago. My face hasnt looked this good in years. I have my confidence back, and went to a great party last night and suprisingly I met a super rad girl. In fact, I have a date with her tonight. I am so happy right now, Im on a wai high. hehe, I beat acne and now I have control over it. On a side note, I feel more energized, I sleep better and can run faster for longer periods. 


I am experiencing reduction of my pores, its crazy. My face is smoothing out right in front of my eyes (ok not literally) Hollie also mentioned that this was happening to her. I am using: cucumber oil + coconut oil on my face two times a day plus on your diet. Ive only been on this diet 3+ weeks and already my pores are shrinking.

Sternrad ; Juli-11-01

its day 5--my face is making wonderful progress. i dont see any new pimples (thank god) and the little whiteheads (uninflamed) are fewer today. i hardly see any to be honest with you (just around my nose). 
when i first started the diet, i had a few scabs around my nose (from picking) which fell off by day 2. i noticed that the area was not totally healed, however. it appeared to still be very raw and unneven in texture and skin tone. the raw pinkish area where the scabs fell off are actually forming scabs AGAIN! i dunno--maybe my body recognized that it didnt heal it all the way and that is why another scab is forming--hopefully the uneveness and the discoloration will be less now after this scab goes away. it has really been bothering me--and i prayed that it would heal up some more (a scar is the last thing i need now). so i guess my prayer is being answered. hopefully by the end of the 2 weeks i will be really clear. i am refraining from the use of topicals--i am not even using any where the scabs are--i know some people suggested neosporin--but im just using the diet the speed the healing process and nothing else (which is what wai recomended to me). 

Oh, (this is for you complainer who are always claiming you are "starving")--i have really figured out a good way of satisfying my hunger while on the sample diet. today i went to the store and bought dried dates, pinapple, bananas, rasberries, and raisins(EVERYTHING is sugar, preservative, etc free--only dried fruit was used)--anyway, i mixed this with walnuts and made a trailmix--BOY ITS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! i like it better than mostly any other snack i ever had. yumm! well--just thought id let you know that. ok goodbye! Stay strong, the diet is not that hard to maintain, assuming you have enough determination to be clear. good luck. 

I absolutely love going to sleep not worrying to remember to put on retin-a or benzoil peroxide and take them damn supplements on time. what shit! none of it does anything anyway--just creates more havoc for my face. well--i think i will make tomorrow my first night out of the house in a while--im ready!
ill post my results and comments again in a couple days.


This is my 10th day on wai's diet. the results i have been seeing are unbelievable. i cannot remember the last time my skin was this clear. the only form of acne i still experience are a couple whiteheads (microscopic) around the creases where my nose meets my face. i see fewer and fewer of these everyday, though. my skin looks really smooth and the texture feels awesome! i am very happy with the progress i am seeing--i suggest that everyone who is serious about getting rid of their acne to definitely not cheat (or cheat as little as possible) while on this diet. not following the diet exactly wont give you the desired results. good luck! thanks wai!


This is day 15 for me--i have been on the diet (only cheated 2 times) for 2 weeks. as of 1 hour ago, i have begun to add back 1 food at a time into my diet (adding back 1 food per week). some of you may be wondering if i am clear now after having mild|moderate acne for 7 years--and the answer to your question is "yes" (about 99% clear, no active or inflamed acne at all, just marks from previous breakouts). well--this diet has proven its power to me, and im sure it will to many others who want to give it a chance. its trully amazing what it does. BUT, you must be persistant--if you're not and you dont stick to the diet at least 99%--you wont achieve the desired results, i promise. both times i cheated, it showed a day or 2 later. hopefully, i will stay 99% clear and when these red|brown marks go away, ill be 100% clear. i will keep posting my results here so people will know that its possible to go back to eating some of the stuff you are used to eating (in moderation of course) and still remain for the most part clear. i love this diet and i will never go back to eating unhealthy like i used to do before--this diet will keep me in great health as well as keep acne away. good luck to everyone doing it. take care.


Holly, after 20 days

Well its day 20 and I am 90% clear. Wai said that deep cysts could take up to 6 months to clear. A lot of them are already clearing. I haven't been this clear since 15 years ago. I have never felt better in my life. I do have compications that are unique to my own situation and the diet is actually helping get control of those too. I am still trying to figure out what I am allergic to and I suspect that I have Diabetes. I have been looking the symptoms up repetitively all year but my symptoms never made sense. Now they match the list of symptoms perfectly. This explains why I am not 100% clear. So I am not a good example except that I do have remarkable results that have blown me away. I'm sorry I still haven't put up the pictures. I'm not sure if I want to, maybe temporarily. How do I do that? I wish that people were less defensive and just had more faith that this would work for them. If people could just try it for a week or even three days, it is obvious it is doing something. This has really changed my life and how I feel about doctors, I never trusted them except to take my money and to do what I tell them. I hope I never wake up after an accident with an IV in my arm. I would freak out because now I know how bad salt is. The idea of being in a hospital makes my blood boil. EEEEEWWWWWW! A most amazing thing about this diet is that my GERM PHOBIA and obsessive handwashing is GONE!!! I'm assuming it because I don't feel toxic or over-whelmed with bacteria anymore. My immune system is working. I feel free.

Chris; June-25-2001

Hello everyone! I've been visiting this acne board since last year but never actually posted anything. Did not have a reason to. I was a silent participant in all the discussions here. I do not want to bore people with my life story and my struggle with severe acne. But now i want to, so please bear with me :)
Had flawless skin before 17 years old after which i started developing cystic acne. Went on antibiotics for about two years with several breaks in between. The first course was pretty successful but by the time i broke out again, the antibiotic did not work anymore. I was utterly devastated. Frankly speaking, i don't think i saw anyone with worse skin than mine. Developed a severe inferiority complex. My social life deteriorated and i started losing most of my friends. It got so bad to the extent where i won't even talk over the phone for fear of the speaker knowing i had severe acne just by listening to my voice. I basically became paranoid. On my worst days, i can't even leave home without people thinking i had just been freshly stung by killer bees, hornets and wasps on my face. Of course i tried every imaginable acne product on the market. Nothing worked and i became a cynical and sceptical person. Did not have suicidal tendencies but hated to be alive. 
I got the Acne Miracle journal by Leo Kielson. I believe his method may work but it requires extreme discipline. His basic rule on acne is this: just take supplements and greens all your life and you'll be fine. I gave up on that. However, i learned from him that diet does play a big role in managing acne. Applied some of his general rules and my acne improved a little. Then i tried the Wonderful Wai Diet. 
That is the reason why i felt compelled to post only now. I never gave much attention to Wai's posts initially. She was just one of the posters to me. I must confess that i thought her diet was crap and that she doesn't know she's talking about. But later on i started noticing her posts and decided to give it a shot, telling myself this diet will never work for me just like other diets and medication hasn't. Today is my 7th day on the diet. I don't even beleive that i'm writing this but my acne now is COMPLETELY gone!!

These are the changes i experienced so far with the diet: the skin on my face has become so soft, supple and dewy. In the mornings, i look like i applied some super moisturiser the night before! And yet my face is not oily like it used to. Little zits the size of sesame seeds that used to sit on my face for months has disappeared. Now, my skin looks like i just woke up from a 12 hour sleep even at 4 am in the morning doing my schoool assignments(amazing!!). The whites of my eyes are now really white instead of looking yellowish and bloodshot (don't know what caused that). On the whole, my eyes look like they sparkle! I no 
longer crave for junk food like chips and chocolates and feeling hungry all the time. I feel good and light-hearted instead of being depressed like i used to. MOST importantly, i do not have anymore zits growing on my face. Not one! (hope this lasts). This is the first time this happened to me in 7 years. 
I don't know how the diet caused such changes, all i know is that it does. I may sound like i'm raving and sucking up to Wai but these changes are for real! No joke! Anyone who don't belive me can give it at try. Seeing is believing and the results are definitely worth it. Wai, i'm sooooo grateful to you even though you claim not to be formally qualfied in this field. One question though, can the results last forever, Wai? Anyway, I may post again to report on my progress and after getting the book. So long for now, everyone!

(date unknown)

I continue to have flawless skin thanks to your advice. HONESTLY, i've never been sooooo happy in a long,long time. It's been over 3 weeks and your diet is still working COMPLETELY in terms of preventing acne and cravings. I don't know what good deed i've done to have stumbled upon your diet. Pay no attention to people out there who wants to bring you down through their sarcasm, slagging and petty arguments. They are the ones with the problem, not you. Be strong...good luck and goodbye.

Juli-19-2001, after 3.5 weeks

I must say that the diet is one of the best things that had ever happened to me in the past 7 years that i had acne. Before, i was really torturing my skin with aggressive products which only made it worse. HONESTLY, after amonth, i do not have anymore zits on my face, back, or anywhere else. It's quite amazing how i wake up day after day with my skin looking even better than the day before. Sometimes i would just stare at the mirror in utter disbelief. The marks from the previous blemishes disappeared faster that i thought possible. But i must caution you that if you decide to go on the diet, you must be ready to be committed to it long-term. When i tried eating normal foods, even the rather harmless ones gave me indigestion, and a few zits. Hope this doesn't happen to you....

Mil ; Juli-16-01, after 2.5 weeks

I have been on this diet for 2.5 week. The result is excellent. During the first week, I experience an outbreak and I was quite worried that this diet may not work for all people. But I'm glad I've persisted and the result is obvious. My complexion is much better than any of the days when I was on antibiotic/B5/zine/Essential Fatty Acid supplement combine with topical treatment such as erythromicyin/bezo/Retin-A. During those treatment/supplement I still get acne/pimples every other day.
While on this diet, I only experience an outbreak during the first week and by the 2nd week, all of them went away. I believe those are dormant acne that were trapped beneath the skin. (Maybe wai can explain). I used to get large red acne on my back for more than a year and now all of them has gone away. But there are an occasional bumps which subside by themselves. As for my face, presently there no large cyst-like acne appearing but once a while, there will be small pimple that appear which will go away within 2-3 day without I picking on it. Throughout this diet, I have taken 4 meals that is not part of wai sample diet. But these meals are small portion. Other than that I have follow the diet faithfully. I have stop all form of oral and topical treatment.

Meg ; June-28-2001

I never thought my skin could FEEL this way.
I still have more energy and am less prone to fall into depressions.
Honestly, there are still faint red marks near the left side of my face....but they have diminished considerably.
I am still taking the minocycline and the tazorac but did not see results like this until I started the diet.
I believe that everything is working together.


My skin feels baby soft and I went to the market today without makeup......I didnt feel bad...this feels good.

"Forever"; Juli-16-2001, after 7 days

Hi, this is kind of my 7th day on the diet. I say kinda because I've not followed it to its strictest. I've been eating some cooked foods. Still, I notice a huge improvement in my complexion and my hair!
I still get break outs probably because I'm ingesting a lot of dirty protein still. I can't bring myself to stay on the diet strictly as it is because I feel very sick and my stomach keeps gurgling. However, I will try to the wai diet in a couple of weeks with no cooked foods whatsoever when I get used to eating all these fruits!

Anyway, back to the results. The pores on my cheeks have shrank and my complexion is much smoother now. Not as blotchy as before. My face used to be very very oily, but now for some reason, it feels soft but the skin surrounding the shrinking pimples is very dry and peeling. 

I can't believe that my hair has also improved so much! I had dyed my hair like 5 times in the last few months. This made my hair very dry and brittle. Whenever I got a hair cut, I got split ends. But ever since I've been eating more fruits and raw egg yolk, my hair is so soft and growing so fast!

Sue ; June-29-01, after 5 days

Remember that Monkees' song? Well I'm singing it about me! I know it is really too soon to make an announcement but I'm noticing that the texture of my skin has really improved. I had to let you know. I have been on the Wai diet since Monday. It is now Friday morning. I stopped using all acne products on Tuesday. I still think I'm sensitive to something but I won't know that until I go into the next phase of the diet after about another week. The added bonus is my butt is gorgeous--hardly any celulite. I'm feeling pretty la la la-Now I'm a Believer...

August-13-2001, after 7 weeks

I feel good. My face is completely clear today. Only a few dark spots left over from acne that had been bubbling up like a cauldrin week after week for a couple of years. I am truly a skeptic, so it took a lot of trying different things before I would believe that Wai's diet could make a difference. I am in what I call "the next phase" of the diet. I am trying different "munch foods" to see if I can tolerate them. I think for some people it takes longer than two weeks to clear up. And of course I have to admit that in this second phase I never gave up bread completely but I count it as "munch food" which Wai recommends. (Wai says that breads are truly addicting and I believe it). I also ate some very bad foods after the first strict phase of the diet. I had a tasty steak with potatoes and a breakfast of hot caks, bacon and eggs. I paid dearly for it the next couple of days with a bad break-out. (I've mentioned the before) It took almost three weeks before I was completely clear again. Also, realize that external things can still plug up your pores and cause acne like touching your face or wearing products your skin is sensitive to. With the diet, I am more keenly aware of that. To get the best results you have to be very strict about what you put on your face and what you eat. DO EXACTLY WHAT THE DIET RECOMMENDS. That means no stuff on your face and only eat fruit and the recommended salad and animal protien that Wai prescribes. I was pretty good about sticking to the diet plan during the first phase but when I finally quit using the the face stuff (other than a little antibiotic ointment when I broke the skin), I had much better results.


August 23, after 2 months

I was one of those people who had to psych myself into the diet. Being a diet junky (I've tried many and failed), I didn't think I could do it. I first cut out all dairy, coffee and softdrinks. Then I cut out all meats except fish (cooked) but bread and pasta was not going to be easy. After about 10 days of this, I decided to go on the pure Wai diet. I stayed on for 10 days and was clear (no new ones) but on the 4th of July I had to eat some bar-b-que. It is against the law in the USA, not to have a bar-b-que on July 4, our "Independence Day". (okay, just kidding ) The ribs were so good though. I tried going off the diet but my skin got pretty bad. So now I am on the diet again but trying the "munch foods" every 3 days or so. So far, my skin has been pretty great. Not perfect yet but a whole lot better than it was. During this phase of the diet you find out how sensitive you are to "dirty protien", salt and spices.
Best of luck to you. Sue

Ioca ; Juli-12-2001

Day #5
just woke up and maybe i'm hallucinating but my skin just looks all around better, i geuss that would be my complexion. I have one pimple coming in on my forhead and two tiny ones on my upper lip area. My chin which is normally very active is totally clear. My cyst on the side of my face continues to get smaller. On day #3 all of my old pimples turned yellow just like others had reported and are now gone. I think I am going to stop using my cleanser, even though it's supposed to be mild bc i wake up and my skin is a little oily, which leads me to think that it might be dehydrating my skin etc., also I'm going to start using filtered water instead of will start doing that and report back later!

RachelReb ; Juli-23-2001

I just realized I haven't been posting my results. But anyhow, I absolutely love hearing about your guys', so I figured I'd share mine. I've been on the diet for eight days now. I followed it for five days to the T, lots of fruits, salad consisting of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, chives, and olive oil, as well as brazil nuts. No egg yolks, or sashimi. On my sixth and seventh days I had a bit of a slip, but am back in the saddle again ;) 
The surprising thing is that I haven't noticed any new's just taking awhile for the old ones to go away. I have noticed my skin feels softer, and looks clearer. the texture is certainly improving. I've also been using cucumber juice to cleanse, and hydrate my face. Fantastic stuff!

So far the results have been quite pleasing, and if it weren't for my lil setback im sure my face would be healing at a faster rate. As of now, I'm starting as if from day one, determined to stick it out for the full two weeks.

TBruno ; Juli-18-01, after 6 days

Well its day six and it is today that i notice my cystic zits are finally shrinking and going away. If it wasnt for the sun burn on Sunday Im sure i would have seen results sooner. lol. But i did go and see my derm as you suggested and he prescribed me a cream to calm the skin. So little by little the burn is calming down and going away. Luckily this stuff hasnt made me break out that was my worst fear...I cant believe I'm sticking to this lol. Now i need to get my butt back to the gym because it has been almost a full week since i worked out. Oh yeah one more thing, i have always had a flat stomach but for some reason this diet has added more definition to my muscles on my body. My stomach has more definition and my arms are more cut. I love it.


August 23


Okay i have been kinda on the Wai'd diet for a month and the results are great!!!!. My skin finally smooth with red scars 
but what r u gonna do?? My two last cysts have finally flattened!!! I have had no major breakouts even though now and then i have a forbidden snack. The next day or two i would get like a pimple or two but like i said no major breakouts. Last week i drank lots of alcohol so i broke out with 3 nice size cysts!!! Now they r finally gone!!! and it didnt take them so long to disapear!! 
But yesterday i ate good all day till i got home, i had a bowl of cereal and some italian pastries 
I dont see any zits yet but its kinda too early to tell. Anyway results are great for me and i didnt even follow it 100% but my acne is mild and not severe!! My scarring is quite severe!!!!!!!!!! i hate the redness.



July-17, 2002 , after 1 year
I dont know if u remember me but i used to be a usual on ur board College has taken a toll on me and a whole lot of time.. but i dont have acne anymore it was like u said my situation it was an adolescent thing.. but i started up ur diet again to for health/weight loss reasons.. I cant believe how difficult it is in the beginning to not eat any cooked foods



Cecilia ; Juli-30-01, after 1 week

Hi Wai! I've pretty much survived a week of your diet and my skin is clearer. My skin tone has changed overall too. Thank you so much!
I've always pretty much stuck to your diet for only about 4 days and gotten really naughty after that. But this time I adhered to your diet rules. (I lie, I couldn't resist one mini bite of a brownie :)

My problem used to be mainly getting cystic acne on my chin and jawline. It would usually take more than a month for a cystic acne to heal itself. However with Wai's diet, it's taking only a week. Is it normal Wai, that since it's my first week being on your diet that a lot of the white pus has surfaced up? 

Wai wrote:
Yes it is normal that the sebum and pus trapped in your skin surfaces up while in the first week of this diet. This is because your skin now retains less water and thus the sebum canals are less pinched off, and therefore the sebum and pus trapped in the skin can now be deported to the surface of the skin instead of causing new cysts.

Aquarius ; August-9-2001, after 10 days

For 10 days I have been following Wai's diet and i can only conclude that it works. My skin is clearing up like never before in the past 5 years. I have zero pimples at this moment, only blackheads that are disappearing fast (with some help)
I have tried a no hard fats diet, b5 (stil use it) and ofcourse lots of topicals in the past, but none have improved my skin like this diet does.
I have started to lower my b5 dosage to see how my skin reacts. And am planning to add some cooked foods in the near future.
For those of you who have tried everything, or are interested in a more natural approach, I can strongly recommend this diet. It's not always easy, and i certainly miss some cooked foods, but it really does wonders for your skin.
I must admit that this diet has shocked my view on food. If a raw food diet has these effects on my skin, what else can it do for my health?
Thanks Wai!

August-14-2001, after 2 weeks

Since yesterday, i am b5 free myself (lowered the dosage from 5g to zero gram during the past week) and i am pleasantly surprised to see that my skin is much less oily than in the past. So maybe the diet has a positive effect on this as well.
The only thing i don't like is the diet itself. I miss my pizza, pastas and lovely restaurant meals ):

Angela777 ; August-6-2001

Dear all, 
Hi, I'm Angela from Singapore and I like to share how good the sample diet is for me. I have followed Wai's instruction faithfully and my acne has cleared. Before knowing about the sample diet, I thought it must have alot to do with the bacteria and the oil so I used to apply AHA product and drying cream on my face to stop sebum production. You see, I have acne for over ten years and left me with terrible scars on my cheeks. I went for dermabrasion two years ago to smoothen out those scars because so many people have commented on how bad they look. However, the acne still continue to give me problem and I have to seek the beautician for help. And I was looking forward to the day when I could just control acne and not be the victim of it. One night, I went to bed crying because I was feeling so lousy about my complexion and I prayed for a miracle. Then, I came across Wai's sample diet and I was very very determined to give it a try. And I'm glad I did... it works for me! I came to realise that dead skin, dirt and oil are not the cause of acne, instead it's the food we eat. And the wonderful thing is that the sample diet is the natural way to stop acne. I must thank Wai for her wisdom and counsel. 
I have been eating the cucumber-avacado-tomato salad with lots of virgin oil and lots of fruits for two weeks. For protein and fats intake, I took raw eggs in orange juice and took alot of macadamia nuts. I'm so glad that acquiring the right knowledge from Wai has redeemed me from the lies of the world. And thanks to Wai about the importance of good cholesterol and the danger of excess calcium intake. I have advised my husband about that and have stopped taking dairy products ever since. I am so happy when I see my complexion these days because it is clear and healthy, no longer red and acne-prone. 
Wai, thanks for your recommendation of the sample diet. The truth has set me free indeed!!!!! I'm glad to know you.
I shall post my progress again ... wow, I'm so excited!

Yours truly,

Tim ; August-10-01, after 9 days

Okay, today is day #9 on the Wai diet. I have not had any new cystic acne in over a week! However, I am getting a bunch of small whiteheads everyday. I get about 1 to 2 new pimples a day, but these are more like the ones I got in my teenage years. The ones that pop up quickly, mature and then are gone within about twenty four hours. I also have noticed a few 'sandy bumps'. Could these be the same bumps that others on the diet have experienced? I am gaining confidence that this diet may actually work!! 

I should say that I get moderate cystic acne on my forehead only. Years ago, in highschool, I had severe cystic acne on my forehead only, also. Then it went away with antibiotics. Then I broke out bad in my junior year of college because my derm put me on a weaker anitbiotic. I broke out horribly, all over my forehead, neck and back. Oh yeah, I had acne on my back until I took accutane for the first time about 5 years ago. That seemed to clear ALL my acne for at least six months following the treatment. Then it came back, but on my forehead only. I went on accutane again. It worked again for at least six months after the treatment. Last fall, I began breaking outy again, and that is when I began looking for something more than from a derm. Although I took a maintenance dose of accutane (40-80mg per week), I quite that a few weeks ago and went clean from all derm drugs. I also have depression and was taking prozac, but I have also stopped taking it. I did not go cold turkey, but weaned myself down to nothing. 
Well, that's my story in a nutshell, if anyone needs to know a little of my background. I am rooting for all of you who are on this diet. If this works I will laugh all the way to the derm and give him piece of my mind!!

After 0.5 year

Hello Wai! Just wondering if you are still around. Your diet has done wonders for me. My skin has cleared up very well since I began your diet. I do not follow it 100%, though, cause I LOVE FOOD! However, I have found that I cannot eat cheese (I am scared to try other dairy products for fear of a
horrible breakout) and large amounts of sodium. So I stay away from those foods, mostly. Anyway, I was getting some good recipe ideas on your wai talk page, but the page is not been working for some time. Do you know why? I do miss talking to others who had success on your diet. Thanks once again!


Knob jar ; August-12-2001, after 7 days

I have been on this diet now for 7 days. In these days all I have eaten are two pieces of raw sashimi and one fresh egg yolk along with a ton of fresh fruit, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, olive oil, lemon juice and a handful of pre-shelled raw brazil nuts. I find this diet to be incredibly easy since I have a big garden and lots of fruit trees. I just snack all day on fruit and the salad. Sometimes I make a smoothie with a bit of oil in it. Ripe avocados with home grown ripe tomatoes and organic cucumbers slathered with gourmet olive oil and lemon juice is divine. 
The results are amazing. At this point I'm sure everybody who has stuck with the diet knows it really works. At the time I started the diet my face was in the middle of a massive breakout with lots of quick pimples forming all throughout the day and a couple bigger deep pimples. You know how your skin feels when it's actively producing pimples, well 24 hours into the diet my skin started feeling relaxed and pimples stopped forming. 7 days and my skin looks really good. It feels softer and I have no new pimples. The thing that blows me away is that I wake up in the morning and there are no whiteheads staring at me in the mirror. It's starting to make sense. I was eating lots and lots of soy products - I'm pretty much a veg - plus I was working out and consuming soy protein powder. I see now that my diet was chock full of protein, dirty protein. I recently tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs and that made me break out worse but when I finished I went on a camping trip and ate mostly dried fruit and nuts, my skin cleared. I thought it was the herbs.

How can dermatologists continue to tell patients there is no link between food and acne? Maybe because the truth will sink a multi-billion dollar industry. I can't believe my dermatologist gave me acutane which has thinned my hair, destroyed my night vision and beat up my liver. I want to sue the whole medical establishment for conspiracy, corruption and wantonous disregard for life!


Uglyguy ; Juli-4-2001, after 5 days

This is the fifth day I have successfully refrained from junk foods and have only consumed items from wai's diet.
I am eating all kinds of fruits all day and a salad once or twice a day. The salad is of lettuce, tomatoes, avacados, carrots, lemon juice (from a real lemon) and extra virgin olive oil. 

I am happy to say that I have no new breakouts. My face is not clear because I already had zits that are now still healing up. The important part is that when I ate fast food and junk food, now I usually would have new breakouts somewhere on my face. I cant say that I am for sure this is because of Wai's diet. I have had days where my skin would be nice to me and not break out. It wouldnt last a week before I would get a bunch of new zits somewhere on my face. So we'll see if i break out again or not. 

If I experience just one break out on this diet from now on, then I will give up the diet. It is very hard to resist temptation. Every day there are times, where I almost give in and eat a hamburger or something. I see people at work eating big greasy hamburgers and stuff. I can smell it and sometimes I just stare at the burger like it is a beautiful women or something. Last night my friend mentioned going to a restaurant. I wanted so bad to go, but I thought of what might happen to my face. At least I must give it 2 weeks like Wai says. He says 100% success and so far I haven't gotten any new zits. It's not as hard to stay on the diet as it was at first. I must say that every day that goes by, it gets easier to stay on wai's diet. It's also a great motivation when you look in the mirror and don't see any new stuff popping out. 

My problem is that I am always hungry. 
I think I will start adding the egg yolks because I will not consume raw fish and haven't got any raw brazil nuts. 
I think you all should try this diet. It is only for 2 weeks! 
Dont cheat when you are on the diet. 
I will keep posting and beleive me I will let everyone know if I break out again. Because I am not eating anything I am not supposed to.

Geocentric ; Juli-10-2001

hi, i am new the forum, but i have been reading a lot. I have tried Wai's diet for about 5 days and i just want to say that it really works(working). I have not eaten anything cooked, i eat only fruits, salads, peanuts, and raw fish(not much of it though because raw tuna is quite expensive), i take at least 4 egg yolks a day, i drink tons of water, and occasionaly some juices. This is one of the most strict diets i ever been on, but im telling it is worth it. I all ready see a big difference with my skin after 5 days(i have over-active oil glands, i have very noticable bumps on my nose, and several acne, but all decreasing). It takes a lot of will power, but just think of the results. you are only scraficing 2 weeks for your skin. SUMMER IS HERE!! and you would want to go out as much as possible and party, without the embarassment.Im telling you it is worth it. A lot of medications take about 4 weeks b4 you see results, wai's diet took about 4 days. DO NOT CHEAT with this diet(like DO NOT even take ONE fry from your friends when eating out).Also if you are a bit on the chunky side, you are getting twice the benefit. Go forth and get cleared. 

Wai wrote:
You don't have VERY severe acne, do you?
Because if you had, you would have gotten pimples from the peanuts. Peanuts are roasted in the shell and therefore contain quite a lot 'dirty' protein.
I strongly advice to take Brazil nuts in shell or Macadamias in shell instead to TOTALLY clear your face.
See the Q and A board for more info about Brazil nuts (and where to get them)

Alphabeta ; Juli-11-201

WAI!!! YOUR DIET WORKS!!! Now your going to hate me for telling you this but I did do all of the fruit thing.... But no salad! SORRY! Instead I had a couple of Tacos...... Anyways yes I know that was a mistake but I made a shake useing all kinds of fruit then adding 5 ice cubes to make it really cold. Well when I woke up the next day my family commented on how good my skin looks! I was like what? I went upstairs to look in the mirror and the pimples where all down and all most smooth (like my skin) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DIET! I know that I should of had salad but my dad was like your getting no proten from just Fruit.... And I was like okay then Im suppose to eat RAW tunna.... And he freaked so he made homemade tacos. Anywas even though I had fruit & that egg yoak (i stirred in) it was amazing. I mean I sometimes eat fruit. But not that often. But it was amazing. And sorry that I didnt do the FULL sample diet. But it does work!
Heres what I did for clear skin (catchy phrase):

Half of a Banna chopped into slices
4 or 5 strawberrys (remove stems)
A full glass of Lots of Pulp Orange Juice.
1/2 of a Kiwi (Leave Skin)
1/2 of a peach
5 Ice Cubes

Then I put all of that in a blender and put it on chop for 20 sec, and then put it on stir for 10 sec. (Your blender might be different)
Then you stir in the Egg Yoke
That was the way I did it. 


Mark27 ; August-14-2001, after 1.5 month

Ok, I have been on and off Wais diet for about a month and a half, and here is what I have experienced on my way to 100% clear on this diet. The first weeks on the diet I tried to take a middle way and not the very strict diet, which means that I occasionally ate dirty protein but at the max 7.5-15 grams/day. Before this I had been on B5 with success, but I experienced some side effects I didn't like at all, so I decided to try the diet. So I stopped B5 completely, and after about one week the effect of B5 wore off and my skin started to get greasy again with small pimples appearing here and there. It was not as bad as I had expected, because I had stopped taking B5 at other times, and then pimples came back with a vengeance, so clearly there was something working with this diet. But I couldn't get completely clear, and having been clear on Accutane and B5, my pimple tolerance had gone down to zero. So I was a little bit depressed about all this and I thought that the diet didn't work for me as it had for many others.
So after three weeks I almost gave up, and I was already returning to B5 when Wai persuaded me to try once more, this time the strict version of the diet (no dirty protein whatsoever) for two weeks. I felt I had nothing to lose, and gave it a try, and after about one week on the strict diet my acne was completely gone!!! At first I didn't really believe my eyes, and I had doubts in my mind that the acne would come back becuase it had haunted me for such a long time, but every new day I got more and more convinced that this really worked, and to 100%. For the first time in 14 years I was completely clear (I had moderate acne) without using any drugs or overdosing with B5, because that is what both Accutane and B5 is in my opinion, overdosing. One other thing that I noticed on the diet was that the oil production in my skin went down and my skin feels a lot different than before. It's like a complete transformation. 

So going for the very strict diet for two weeks was the best thing I did because now I know it works, and it doesn't matter if I screw up sometimes, I can always get clear within a week or so on the strict diet. Knowing this makes a huge psyhological difference, and I advice people trying the diet to really try the strict version of the diet for two weeks, it is worth it.

The only thing that is left for me to do is to put Wais theory to a test, because I want to see with my own eyes that the cause is water retention due to dirty protein, salt etc. I have already bought milk protein for bodybuilders that contain 96,7% protein which is dirty protein. The other things I'm going to test is of course salt, sugar, and hydrogenated fat (hardened fat). I will test one at a time, and see what happens the following days. If the protein and salt gives me acne and there is no reaction with sugar and hydrogenated fat, then I believe the theory and I have no doubt anymore.

June 28, 2002 ; After 10 months

Yes, it is a bit hard to stay on such a diet all the time, there are so many temptations. :-) But I can still control my acne if I go on the strict diet.

A thing that I was wondering, have you been in contact with any researchers, dermatologists concerning your theory and your diet success? I't would be very interesting to hear what they have to say about it, and if there would be some interested researchers to try your diet/theory. The results would be quite impressive, as we already know.

Tina ; Aug-18-2001, after 3.5 weeks

When I started working out, very intensely 6 months ago, is when all my acne troubles began. Since then Ive had microdermabrasion 4x(in june), applied azelaic acid and salicylic acid twice daily ,since june(until i started your diet 3 1/2 weeks ago),and started ortho tri-cyclen back in May.I also wash my face with a glyocic acid cleanser. 
Soon after I began your diet/regimen the big cysts pretty much dried up,and only a few remaining blemishes are left. :) I also feel more healthy and energized then I ever have. However, for about the last week, im noticing many small "white head" like bumps-- only without the heads.Is this the sandy feeling every one is talking about? I really hope they dont all mature into full blown pimples at the same time.I have my fingers crossed.
This is strange,too, but I seem to have more(fine) facial hair then before I started weight lifting. Do you think there is any correlation between working out and 'bad skin'? Im beginning to wonder if its possible that i messed up my hormones or something from working out too often and too intensely. Thank you sooo much :)

Wai responded:

Yes, there is a correlation between working out and 'bad' skin.
When you work out intensively, you stimulate the muscles to grow. And this growth is enabled by metabolic hormones, like testosterone (yes, women contain testosterone too).
Testosterone however not just stimulates muscle growth, but also facial hair growth and the production of sebum.
And the more sebum is produced, the more likely you develop acne.

About the 'sandy bumps';
While on this diet, the sebum canals are much less pinched off, so that no cysts will originate. But since you are still producing much sebum, that sebum needs to be transported to the surface of the skin anyway, and then eating even a tiny little bit of bad food can already pinch off your sebum canals a little bit, which causes the sandy bumps. If you would be on the 100% strict sample diet, they disappear. But that diet is very hard to maintain. what you can do is to try to find a balance between how good you think your skin has to look, and how strict you are willing to diet for that purpose.

If your 'bad' food intake is low enough, the 'sandy bumps will not 'mature into full blow pimples', these only originate when the sebum canals are completely pinched off. The sandy bumps originate when the sebum canals are just a bit pinched off; there is no high water pressure that will activate the bacteria that cause the inflammation.

Acnevictim ; Aug-18-2001, after 1.5 week

Alright, I have been pretty tighly following this diet (I'm 14 and its kinda hard when I'm not the one really choosing what I'm eating all the time) for probably about 1 1/2 or 2 weeks with no NEW breakouts, and yesterday I had 3 corn dogs(I know alot....but Im 5'8 and 120lbs, so I'm not really worried about my weight) and I didn't get any knew breakouts today, would they not show up till tomorrow, or does that mean that that food is safe to eat? 

Wai wrote:
Generally it can take up to 5 days for new pimples to show up after the initial cause.
The corn dogs are absolutely NOT safe to eat, but when you hardly eat any 'bad' food, like you did the past weeks, then eating something bad one day generally has little effect on your skin, unless you eat more bad foods the following days.
(however, some people with severe acne cannot eat ANY 'bad' foods without breaking out)

Once your skin is totally clear, then you can easily test yourself to what extend the corn dogs cause acne by eating corn dogs every day during one week, while eating no other 'forbidden foods' whatsoever during that same week. If you then break out, you know you cannot eat that much corn dogs and then you lower the intake and see what the results are then.

But you can only be 100% sure about the results if you first have succeeded to totally clear your skin while on the 100% strict version of this diet. (because you may also coincidentally 'have a good week')

Did you?

Once you did that, THEN you can start experimenting.
If you don't make 100% sure first that the diet works for you, then you will also not be 100% sure about the results of your experiments with 'bad' foods... 

Kyoko ; after 4 days

today I am on the 4th day.
my skin is the best & smoothest in my those 10 years!
I am really surprised to get the result so soon
and I would really like to continue this diet,
these result makes it easier to controll the strict diet.
I am feeling great mentally cuz I am having back my clear skin,
but I am feeling tired phisically those 2 days..
my makeup artist and photographer told me that my skin is so better!
easy to work with.
thank you so much to you , Wai, and I really do wanna follow your diet....

After 4 months

now my skin condition is quite good, i dont follow strictly to your diet, but everyday I ate that salad !(with much amount of olive oil) and stay away from meet, milk, and try not to eat as much cooked food as I can.
yes sometimes I take them but taking your diet 60-70% in to my everyday diet, made my skin quite good.
1 week ago, I could be at make up room , not worrying about my skin "for the first time" in my modeling life!
I used to hate to get make up but that was very first time to feel relax with getting pro-make-up!
yes everytime I feel "today I am quite out of Wai's diet" then my skin is not good nextday or 2 day later.
your theory already proove to be right in my deep thought.

Barry, April-01-2002, after almost 2 weeks


Ive been on your diet for just under 2 weeks now and it totally works =o].
My skin is looking much better. I have been following strictly, not eating anything but whats on the sample diet (except fish.. i eat eggs instead).
Lately, mainly in the morning, ive been getting like stomach cramps, it feels like me stomach is contacting and makes me feel sick. It usually lasts about 30 min after ive eaten, which sorta make it hard to eat, then i feel satisfied for about 1.5-2 hours then it slowly comes back on, i start getting hungry then me stomach feels like its crantacting and i feel a bit sick.
Is this caused by addictive protiens etc? or am is it my stomach cant handle the friut anymore?
I dont mind eating friut.. its just this sick feeling that make its hard.


April-15-2002; After almost 4 weeks

ive been on it now for nearly 4 weeks.. and i havent really had 1 pimple. I only got a few when i got drunk. =o) Alcohol is definitely not good for your skin.
I asked you about the cramps about a week ago, I dont really think they were cramps, it was more like hunger pains that dont go away when you eat fruit.
Its mainly in the morning and i found if i eat 1 slice of wholemeal bread in the morning before fruit it seems to go away. I dont mind eating only fruit, its actually a challenge, the only problem i find is i dont really get satisfied even though im full from the fruit.

I have to say that you are a goddess for sharing your knowledge. My skin looks really good, not just because i dont have any pimples but the complexion aswell. I only wish i knew about this diet years ago, i wouldn't have any scars then. So thank you so much. Having control over this is sooo much better, and its healthy =o).

I read all of the book and most of the Q & As but its hard to soak it all in, so i hope im not asking questions that have already been answered.

Is it necessary to eat tomatoe and cucumber? or are they in the diet to make it easier to have the olive oil and advocado? Because i dont like olive oil much, so at the end of every meal i just drink it straight from the
bottle. I find it much easier to have it this way.

thank you Wai

Sanne, April-06-2002


hi. i am a 21-year-old girl from Finland and i am so lucky to have found your site on the internet because after i started to follow your diet my life has changed completely. my skin is perfect now (i used to have pimples)and i feel energetic and good all the time. i sleep really well, too. everything has changed and i am forever grateful to you.

i have always loved to eat a lot of fruit but i was also eating things like steamed fish, oatmeal, rye bread and nonfat milk as well as vegetables because i thought they were healthy. now when i look back i realise i never really felt good at all, bloating, gasses, bad skin, disturbed sleep, cravings..etc now i feel so healthy it's amazing.

i eat lots of fruit, some raw salmon, raw omega egg yolks, brazil nuts, avocadoes, extra virgin olive oil, walnuts..and i absolutely love it all! i would never ever go back to my old eating habits.
I didn't have severe acne, but I had lots of pimples on my forehead (only forehead) for 5 years and if I eat anything that's not in the diet, I will break out. Even one piece of bread or some chocolate and my skin isn't clear anymore. No cysts, though.
It only took me a week to clear up with this diet...which is amazing. thankfully, I wasn't left with any scars.
I sometimes had my whole forehead covered up with pimples and I tried everything to get rid of them. At least I didn't get them anywhere else on my face (wonder why)
Now all I use on my face is walnut oil and spring water, and it looks great. Radiant and flawless.


After 5 months

I have now been on the diet 100% for 5 months, no munch food no alcohol etc
My skin is totally clear and fresh and smooth. thank you.
I have no cellulite. thank you.
I have no overweight and my tummy is very flat. thank you.
My hair is very thick and shiny (I have wavy hair) and I haven't dyed it since you told me how bad it is to do that. thank you.
my nails are so damn strong... thank you.
i sleep well and I don't wake up in the middle of the night. thank you.
I have lots of energy every day and I have no mood swings, and now I don't even get depressed anymore, which is a great relief.thank you.
I haven't had even a minor flu in ages.thank you. 
I don't get pimples, I don't get gassy, I have regular periods, I have a good appetite for the right foods and I eat a lot every day but I don't gain or lose weight anymore. I weigh 60 kgs now, at 187 cm, and I do look slim but not skinny, I am very happy with this weight.
My thoughts are clear, I can concentrate, I feel great and I am very happy.
Thank you. 
 I have no acne scars etc and now, all thanks to you, I have great skin, it's even and it doesn´t sag. My skin is fair and I have never tanned it. I burn in the sun easily so I have to be careful, but I never use lotions, I hate them. Do they even really help? I just cover my skin with clothing and don't spend too much time in direct sunlight.
This diet has really done wonders to my skin. It is never dry anymore either.

Alice; after 3 weeks


I just wanted to let you know that I read your sample diet and I have been using the information and its WORKING!!!

I've determined that fried foods make me break out as well as mayo. My celluite has reduced and I feel great. I do find that I am always hungry though.

I started the diet about three weeks ago and I noticed I was losing weight dramatically. I had severe acne with nodes and small cysts. I would average about two to three within a week starting and then it would take weeks to go away and leave a scar.

I noticed improvement after two weeks. On the third week I started adding in foods that I love to eat and boy did I brake out again. I added in fried cheese sticks, french fries and fried seafood. Now I have a giant cyst on my jaw line which came up very near an older healed cyst and I have another node trying to come up on my chin, but it seems to be residing at the moment although it is sore to the touch.

I did not notice additional yellow heads on my skin. But I did notice that my skin seems to more lubricated and less dry than it was.

It is hard for me to stay on top of the raw fish and raw egg yolks. I'm not sure how to find healthy raw eggs in my area without worrying about salmonella.

Rick, May-04-2002

Thanks for your research. WIthin a week of going on the diet I noticed a change in the overall color and texture of my skin. My skin became more soft and supple, and less ruddy. I also stopped using soap and benzyl peroxide, which may have something to do with it. 
Here are two pieces of anecdotal evidence that lend credibility to what you have written. You say that sebum is necessary to keep the skin flexible and healthy. Well, me, my mother, and grandfather all had skin problems. That indicates a high sebum excretion rate. Guess what else we have in common--all of us look younger than our years! SO sebum does lend to youthfulness just as you wrote. The second item is regarding water retention. What are two things that I hear women complain about with their period: that they have increased water retention (i.e., bloated), and that those who are susceptible to acne break out more right before/during their period. When I first read your statement that water retention causes acne I realized that made total sense based on women's complaints about their period! 

The diet has improved the texture of my skin. It has also helped my acne. I am witness that when I eat an abundance of "bad" foods I break out more. I'm still testing what I can eat. But as soon as I go back to the strict diet my face noticeably improves. I would really like to find an honest, intelligent, respected dermatological research doctor who would do an honest study of food and acne to see if he could reach your conclusions. 

I still practice the tenets of your diet though I don't stick to it strictly. Like today, for example, I ate 4 oz. of cooked buffalo meat, steamed brocolli, and a couple graham crackers. The rest was fruit and brazil nuts. I also sometimes eat raw tuna, although it is difficult to find sushi-grade fish for purchase somehwere other than a sushi restaurant (where its expensive). And its impossible to find tuna that has not been frozen. Other days I do eat much more bad acne food: such as baked potato, salmon, baked clams, potato chips, beer, hot sauce, chicken, paneut bitter, french fries, etc. One thing, though--I am TOTALLY off dairy products (just some sour cream and butter rarely). Which is a HUGE change for me. I'm not doing youdiet just for acne though. I lost my uncle and grandmother to cancer in the past three years--we were extremely close; and I am trying to cut down my cancer risk. 

One of the most fascinating things for me was realizing the power of addictive food chemicals. When I first started the diet, the first 24-48 hours without opioid peptides or beta carbolines was the worst. The craving was really intense. Most people (almost 100%) do not realize the addictive nature of these chemicals on their body. Once I got off these chemicals I really understood their power. When I eat one potato chip I get this extremely intense craving and might end up eating the whole bag. Its very enlightening to FEEL this addiction. There are some foods with addictive food chemicals I can eat that don't intensify my cravings very much: one is a small amount of cooked beef, and also a couple beers. Potato chips and salty wheat-based, carbohydrate products cause me to intenselt crave.

Thanks for all the information. I am impressed.  

Judy; April-14-2002, after 4 months

I started on the diet in December 2001, so it's been 4 months and my skin has dramatically improved. At the beginning, I was really strict on my diet, mainly fruits and vegetables and I completely steered away from fried, greasy, spicy food. I also stayed away from shellfish (e.g. lobster, shrimp, etc.). I also banned chocolate and coffee from my diet completely. It took me at least 2 month to see results and I haven't had a new pimple for 2 months. My skin is almost completely clear now with only brown spots from prior inflammations. Before I began on my diet, I had deep cystic inflammations as well as small whiteheads all around my mouth and chin area.
My dermatologist said it was adult acne and may last a very long time. I spend thousands of dollars over the past 2 years for doctor visits and prescriptions medicine, but nothing worked. I was getting side effects from prescriptions medicine and nothing seemed to work.
My acne was extremely persistent. One day, while searching for acne information on the internet, I came across your site. I was willing to try anything. And now, I am convinced that beauty is really from the "inside". You are what you eat. I do take vitamins however, and they seem to help me along with my healthy diet. I eat alot of fruits everyday and I completely steer away from greasy, fried food. Everything I eat is either raw, boiled, or steamed.Thank you very much Wai. You saved me from acne.

November-26, 2002

I have been on your diet for 6 months now and I am completely acne-free. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars for many years fighting acne since I was 14 years old (i'm 26 now) and nothing worked....until your website came along. 
Dermatologists tell me that acne is not food-related and drugs simply do not work. I really think you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for what you're doing. What you are doing is just so "great" and "worldly". You are literally saving the world from the most depressing disease, which is acne.
I spend $15 for sashimi lunches everyday now at Sushi Gen in Los Angeles. I figured, with the thousands of dollars I'm saving each year for not needing dermatologists, facialists, and acne drugs and make-up, $15 a day for sashimi is a good deal. My facial skin is completely clear for the first time in 10 years. I owe it all to you Wai. Thank you so much for doing this.

Pete; April-17-2002, after 9 days

Wow, where do I start ...
Well, this is my first post on this forum, and I've had AMAZING results !! This has truly changed my life ! I'm a 28 year-old long-time vegetarian, turned vegan two years ago. Throughout the years I've had acne pretty regularly, ranging from mild to sometimes large and cystic. Although my skin had improved a great deal when I turned veganand stopped all dairy, I still broke out regularly, and could never figure out why, since I'm quite health-conscious and also stopped eating things like pizzas and potato chips years ago. Well, two weeks ago I stumbled across Wai's site and my life has CHANGED ! I now know what I was doing wrong : Coffee, Sugar, Spices - I also was eating way too much soy & heated(dirty)protein. I'm now at the moment on day NINE on the sample diet (modified for my vegan lifestyle)and I CAN'T BELIEVE THE RESULTS ! I can't believe it's me in the mirror - fantastic !I'm not even through my two weeks yet, and my face is like a newborn baby ) Everything just dried up like magic.
I can't wait to start reintroducing other test foods after 14 days ... I'd also like to add that I can't understand the people who find it hard to stick to this diet, come on ! With results like this, how can you NOT get motivated ? Heck, I'm almost afraid to stop this diet - I think I'll eat like this for the rest of my life !! ) Another great aspect is rediscovering foods you seldom eat otherwise (even for a vegan)- I've learned to love avocados (I eat two a day now ), and I'm discovering so many great varieties of lettuce. I also like the way Wai's diet fits in with my general philosophy of life - All my life I've always instinctively felt that the acne was a consequence of your diet and now I finally have the PROOF.
The only thing I supplement my diet with (apart from vitamin B12) is three tablespoons of UDO's choice oil blend every day, which works wonders for me - my skin used to be superdry and flaky , now it's soft and smooth, which I still can't believe. Another great thing about this diet is that all cravings have gone away for me - I'm never hungry for snacks anymore. The diet has also has a detoxing effect on me and made me feel lighter and cleaner - I'm thinking of going on a short fast after the two weeks just to clean out any additional toxins that still may be stored in my body after so many years.
WAI, you are THE BEST ! You have put this together brilliantly, and above all a great humanitarian for sharing this wonderful information with other people. I may or may not agree with all your viewpoints regarding animal foods, vegetables, etc, but the bottom line is THIS DIET WORKS ! Let me state that again : THIS DIET WORKS ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having improving my life 100 % - this I will never forget !!

Chloe; June-4-2002, after one week:

Hi all, 
I've been doing Wai's for a week--I can't say that I notice a huge difference, but hopefully it's just the initial clearing the yucky stuff out of my pores that everyone talks about. 

June-8-2002, after 10 days:

Hi all, 
Just wanted to tell you how Wai's is working--I've been doing it for 10 days and I'm seeing a huge difference. I have to say that I was very skeptical as I've used so many prescription drugs through the years, but it's definitely worth doing! Thank you so much, Wai, and others who've responded to my posts!
Wai, for now I'm going to take a B-12 supplement and hold off on the raw animal food (this is as much from my own general sqeamishness--I know it's irrational and ridiculous!--as from my fears about the antibiotics.)

Karen Leo,  
I definitely saw fabulous results on the first 2 weeks (sample diet) I started introducing munch foods, then I started cheating every once in a while. Of course my skin became dirty again; so of course I know what I have to do, I just wonder if I have to start the sample diet all over again? (no munch foods?)

April 8 - 2002

I´ve been on the diet for about a month now. Of course now  I am fanatically sticking to every rule.
I actually never had acute acne, but always thousand of blackheads and whiteheads, (it almost looked as if I had goose bumps on my face)
I hope this is not my imagination, but I have noticed an improvement of the texture and moisture of my face. Blackheads are lessening, especially on my back and chest... it almost feels as if I could rub the blackheads away with my fingers. (texture of little grains)

April 15- Testimony submitted to the Acne Bulletin Board

Hi, this is Karen from México.
I stumbled across Wai´s site while browsing for alternative acne cures.
I kept telling myself there MUST be a way to get rid of this stuff! I am a 38 year old "girl", and have struggled with pimples for as long as I can think. I thought after 2 kids and "old" age this would someday subside. I guess, like many of you guys, I¨ve tried everything available on the universal market...
Well, as I said, while browsing I found this site; the first time I must have been glued to my computer for at least 3 hours...trying to let all the information sink in...could this be possible???
I started experimenting. I complained to Wai about splitting headaches and kept on bugging her with questions, which she faithfully answered.I was determined to make this work.
In the beginning I didn´t notice a big difference, I guess because I kept on cheating.
Then  I was going to the beach for a holiday. During the week at the beach I faithfully stuck to the diet (no cheating). There were plenty of lovely fruits available, and I had hazelnuts instead of the brazilnuts , because you can´t easily get those here.
The tuna wasn´t a problem either because there was a very good japanese restaurant just around the corner.Well, allready after 3-4 days my skin started to clear up;just a few whiteheads.
The rest of the blackheads and pimples started to come off just by rubbing my fingers over my face. It was amazing!
So of course I was truely motivated.
Once the holiday was over and I was back at home, and started to introduce munch food items.
After only a few days I could see the problem skin coming back! I was furious!
Wai said that it was most likely because I hadn´t stuck to the sample diet long enough to see my skin totally clear up.
I didn´t completely eliminate munch food, but I certainly cut down on it.
Now it´s just a matter of time before the last "thingies" fall off.
I am completely amazed! I guess my skin hadn´t looked like this since I was 15...honestly!!!
I don´t even crave any of the other food anymore.
Although I must say, sometimes it´s a bit difficult with all the social pressure. (Even my husbad was angry at first telling me I was too skinny...which isn´t true by the way.
Now that he has seen the results, and of course my bliss, he´s certainly behind me)
But as Wai said, I just smile and go on with my tomato salad.
I just hope this is not all to good to be true, but I suspect that this time I´m on the right track!
Thank you Wai!!!  

June 19 - 2002; After 3 months
As a 15 year old I started with pimples, and since then forever; I´m 38 now. About 2 Years ago I noticed my skin looked like it had goosebumps all over (apart from the pimples). Obviously full of sebum; blackheads and whiteheads. It didn´t look like what you would call severe acne, but as I am no expert on the case...
I do see a difference with the diet, but if i´m not 100% faithfull to it, I can immediately tell. My skin is fine as long as I stick to the rules, which is getting easier every day.
I am eating an amazing variety of fruits every day, plus salad and o.o. , avocados, hazelnuts and wallnuts(no brazilnuts available). It is extremely difficult to get reliably fresh eggs here, so I haven´t eaten any of those; the ones you get in the supermarket, or even the big local market are neither fresch nor "farmeggs". I would have to have my own hens to be able to get my hands on a fresh egg.
Now, I do get tuna every once in a while (the only fish that they claim to be fresh... hope theire not lying); maybe once every 10 days (then I buy about 150 gr., and keep it in the fridge I get 2-3 days of fish in a row, but then I have to rely on nuts for my protein, untill the tuna comes in again.

After 8 months

I´ve been on Wai´s diet since January / April, and as I have said before, my skin is totaly under control.

Alma, after 5 days

hi Wai,
thanks a lot for your help.....
I haven been on your sample diet for 5 days, well let's say 3 because the first 2 days I was eating already peeled nuts....
I am so amazed!! All the inflammation under my skin is fading away =) I am very happy 
One question, any recommendation for getting rid of the redness in my face??? I have a very important wedding next week, and I really want to look

Keturah, after 5 days

this is my last effort to get rid of my acne before I have to do
something serious like go to a derm. My acne has improved since starting your diet, even with all of the cheating!! I used to break out with cysts on the entire area of both of my lower cheeks plus it was all red & inflamed & pretty icky looking. It wouldn't heal. I'd breakout & just keep getting new cysts, with no healing time in between the eruptions. It already looks so much better; I can go without makeup & not feel embarrassed. I know if I could just make it through a week I
would be completely clear (or close to it.).

Angel, after 3 days

Juli-02, 2002

You are the best kept secret ever... I have been on your diet for 3 days now, and my skin is dramatically improving. I even went out with no make-up on today, which I haven't done in, well - I don't know how long! I had mild acne on my chin and forehead which was easily covered with make-up, but it was getting worse. Now I realise it was all the awful lotions and potions I was using, as well as not eating enough fat. 

I was actually a raw vegan before going on your diet, but not seeing the benefits I am seeing now. I am having a little raw egg everyday, because I am menstruating, but would prefer to rely on o.o. (can't get unshelled brazils where I am) this okay? I can't tell you the freedom I feel in my veins, knowing that I could soon be able to throw away my make-up and my "skincare" products... am going to Asia with my boyfriend this year and was dreading the thought of having to take my entire bathroom cabinet with me...! Now it looks like natural beauty could actually be within my reach.

Juli-03, 2002; after 4 days:

I emailed you yesterday on to say thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge with the public. Since then I have gotten a few new blackheads and small spots...

Juli-05, 2002, After 6 days

My skin has calmed down a great deal since last week. 
Have been in the diet since Sunday. Have got one new spot, that's all. Hopefully that will be the last! Skin is still looking dulll and pasty, though, and am still prone to my eczema-like rashes. 
Sometimes I feel like I just need to let it all "dry out".

Juli-07, 2002, after 1 week

Have been on the diet for a week now. My sopts are getting a bit better. 

I used to get about 10-15 new spots on my chin per week. They tended to be very small, but very painful, and I could feel them under the skin days before they actually arrived in all their glory! 
Now I have the odd one, but the ones I get feel far less painful. Also, my skin on my chin (the worst area) is losing it's previous greasy "sheen" - before it looked like it was constantly covered in oil! It still has it a bit, but far less. 

Juli-26, 2002, after 4 weeks

Have been applying the principles of your diet for about 4 weeks now and the results have been fascinating, in that I have been able to trace any new breakouts to stuff I have eaten. Have been recommending your site to all and sundry. 

Arby, after 1 week

Juli-05, 2002

I have been on the diet one week (100% strict). My skin is actually experiencing very minimal breakouts, I have only 3 small pimples. I had used accutane and my 5 month cycle ended about 3 months ago. However, little pimples started to form, and I was not about to go back on that stuff. The diet is working great.

I also am taking the Ha formula to help increase collagen production. It is found through Purity products on the internet. I have not lost any weight. By the way I bought some organic chicken eggs to implement in the diet, but when I tested them to see if they wobbled or spin, I found that they spin. These are not good to eat right?

040 ; Virtuoso ; for 6 months

My experience with the diet for like 6 months. 

*95% clear (mostly whiteheads, everything else disappeared)
*loads of energy
*underweight, (6ft, 135lbs!) 
*friends thinking I went insane cuz i never ate meat (save sushi)

If I didn't lose so much weigh or was 100% clear, i'd still be on the diet today. 

Wai's response:

The weight issue can be solved quite easily, by consuming more juices instead of whole fruits. Especially pressed juices (like orange juice) and juices from the juice extractor are very efficient, especially when you add some sugar and oil...
Works for me, and many others.

041 ; Paranoid111 ; Juli-19, 2002

Hey wai, I've been on youe diet for about a 5 days now and I must say that it works. It has totally cleared me up. After another week on this diet, I will gradually start "testing" which foods are acne causing for me and which are not. thanks

I had severe acne on my face and back, Accutane helped while I was on it, but after I got of it the acne came back. So, I went to b5, it helped me tremendously, but when I tried to get off it my skin kept getting oily, and the acne wax worse than before. When I got on the diet, I immediately cut the b5, and after only 5 days, I have no oily skin or acne.

I don't really think that wai's diet is very healthy in the long run. I've been feeling really lethargic and tired on this diet, as I'm a meat eater. Anyway, my theory of trying this diet is as follows:-
I'm justing using this diet as a starting base where I know that these food items, do not cause me acne. After another week from now I will slowly introduce a new food item and see if that is what is causing my acne. 
my basic idea is this, I'm using this diet as a starting base, then experimenting with a new food item every week and if it causes acce, just reduce the amount of how much I eat that item. I'm not a supporter of any diet, just telling you all what works for me.

Oh yeah about getting cleared up by the diet, I was very excited that I can finally control acne. Actually, I have been trying to get of b5 for the sometime now, but everytme I did the acne would be more severe than I ever had, and my skin would get very oily. So, I was basically very scared to get of b5. But, since I was getting blurred vision on the stuff, I had no choice. So, I stopped , prayed and went on the diet. I didn't get any breakout, three small zits on the first day, but they disappeared. ANd no oily skin. I think it was beacuse I was not eating any acne causing foods (in my case).


Aug-05, 2002

I actually found your website while looking for a solution to my cellulite problem. And then, BONUS!!! I had acne too! Believe it or not, I was JUST about to go back to my dermatologist for another prescription 'cause my acne was coming back again, and with a VENGEANCE this time! So your diet was a double motivation for me. Now, my skin is getting better and better everyday (considering I had been cheating a few times - hey! hey now! no judgments please... I'm just being honest here), it's definitely softer and I don't need to put anything on it. I've never had any doubts about the effectiveness of this diet even before starting it anyway. I mean, IT JUST MAKES SENSE and now it's being confirmed everytime I look at myself in the mirror. Oh! and by the way, thank you Wai for helping me find out the source of my depression. 
There are so much more benefits from this diet than just acne and cellulite. I can't wait to tell you about them soon.


Aug-08, 2002; After 2 months

My skin is doing great. My forehead is taking longer to clear up than the other parts of my face though. I've been on the diet for 2 months now and it just feels sooooo good to know that I am in control of my acne now instead of IT controling my life. I will never put any more chemicals on my skin, that's for sure! I've never understood those women who actually pay up to 50$ for a stupid jar of cream. 

Also, my cellulite is starting to slowly fade away so that's another blessing for me! I can't wait to see it completely gone!!! That's the day I will get down on my knees and kiss the floor and sing "Go now go, walk out the door, just turn around now 'cause you're not welcome anymore... I will survive, I WILL SURVIVE! Hey! Hey!


Aug-14, 2002

I LOVE YOUR SITE, I LOVE YOUR EATING PLAN, I LOVE YOUR INFORMATION AND I LOVE YOU! What a tremendous job you have done. And what a blessing to share all this information like you have. Thank you so much. You did an EXCELLENT job of explaining everything, which is why I was willing to check it out (and the testimonials sure helped too!). YOU MADE SENSE, and you provided references. Too much gobbledygook all around us these days. But your work is a breath of fresh air, and food :) 
I have had MAJOR problems with food "sensitivities" and "allergies" and everything else you can imagine. (Actually, I have pretty severe environmental illness/chemical sensitivity.) I have been unable to improve my eating habits (until now) because any changes I made were met with agonizing torment by my body in the form of CRAVINGS. They were terrible and literally controlled me. I would binge and eat like a moron. 
I ended up finding your site because I was developing SEVERE (for me) acne, and it was making me insane. (The cellulite ain't that pretty either ...) 
I have not been perfect doing your sample diet and suggestions, but I have RADICALLY changed my eating habits, using your information as a guide. 
The difference was immediate and obvious! I also stopped washing my face with soaps so much, and switched to a little organic coconut oil, or olive oil, as a moisturizer. 
I no longer have such a problem with acne. And I also noticed how sick I feel if I eat cooked food. My body literally hates it .. well, for the most part. I am okay with rice with my sushi (that okay?), and occasional bits of cooked, but I am mostly raw now. I just got my first order of organic sun-dried fruit! And I was relieved to find out that I LOVE Brazil nuts ... phew! 
The biggest change for me is that I now have CONTROL over what I eat! I can actually choose instead of my body forcing me to do things that are crazy (like eat entire bags of cookies that make me feel sick, and worse). 
THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR BEING ON THE INTERNET. I am so glad I found you. And thank you to all who shared their testimonials! I am so grateful. This is wonderful. 
Oh yeah, another thing is that I no longer have to swallow enzyme pills with every meal in order to digest! YAY! 
And I have discovered how easy eating is WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE TO COOK!!! :) 
Blessings to all. 


Aug-22, 2002, After a year

I read your diet about a year ago and have participated on your Waitalk forum. I have followed your diet this whole time except for a few slip ups once in awhile. 

My skin is perfect, well except when I have a couple drinks or accidently eat some bad food. I'm eating 100% raw but still drinking wine. Sometimes I'll eat some nutbutter and will have some problems. But besides that, I'm great. Even though the packages on foods say they are raw, my skin tells me they are not.
I just wanted to thank you again Wai, you have changed my life and I'm sure many others. I tried so long to figure out what was causing my acne, now I know.

August-09, 2002
I tried the diet for 8 days and i lost alot of weight which i could not afford to do. I tried to eat alot of everything listed on the sample diet but the weight still came off. I looked anorexic and i'm not exagerating at all, friends were very concerned. I didn't exlain anything to them because i didn't think they would understand. After the first few days the really hard part for me was around dinner time. It was really hard to get myself to keep eating the fruit and salad when i wanted something that would satisfy my hunger like rice or something. :(

August-10, 2002
Ok, i'm gonna try this diet again. I guess i need to start by going to the grocery for lots of fruit!

August-29, 2002
Wai, when i was pregnant(both times) my face completely cleared up after about the 3rd or 4th month into the you think that this might be evidence that my acne struggles could be from hormones?... i keep failing to make it the whole 2 weeks on the diet so i've yet to find out if this diet works for me for acne.i end up eating a little bit of rice or rice bread. i know that the diet makes my body feel better and i sleep much better when i'm on it.i'm gonna go 2 weeks,even if it kills me (figure of speech of course) thanks 

September-05, 2002
Wai, Today is day 9 and i can honestly say the diet is working for me!


September-06, 2002

I'm so excited to finally have found a solution to my acne, this diet really works wonders! After dealing with acne for 10 years...after many dermatologist appointments...after spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on supplements find a real solution is so relieving. 

September-11, 2002

It took alot of adjusting and struggling for me to do this diet but i'm finally (thank God) making it work and really getting the swing of things and feeling satisfied with it. It is doing wonders for my skin, i'm so pleased.
Some days i don't do the juicing and i can tell i get tired and feel like i'm losing weight. the juicing is key for me to staying on the diet because it gives me energy.

September 2005
I just wanted to share a few things that this diet has done for me...well, really it has changed my life....from feeling helpless to knowing how to take care of this body God gave me...
This time around on the diet I've made it more of my own...I've taken the liberty to try different things to find out what works for me...
I remember when I first started the diet again and got to that place that I remembered getting to the last time where I felt like I coulnd't eat another piece of bleeping fruit but then once I stayed with it and pushed past those like 4 days or so of feeling that way...
coming out on the other side I felt like I had a new body or something and now everday I LOVE fruit! And my digestive system works better...I can feel it...and I sleep better...
After like 5 days or so on the diet I slept all the way through the night which wasn't typical for me at all...waking up and saying "Wow, it's light out and this is the first time I've woken up since I went to bed" instead of waking up like 20 times or more in the night ya know...And having baby soft skin...which took like a month...the backs of my thighs use to have small bumps on them and my upper arms as well but now they are so silky soft as well as my elbows and I don't use any lotion...
it's really amazing and cool! I'm just really thankful! And looking forward to no cellulite! woohoo!
I'm also thankful for this board and everone on it...and whenever I have to explain my "strange eating habits" I think of ya'll and know that I'm not alone.
Eating just raw food is becoming more and more popular anyway. okay, the novel is ending

August-06, 2002
My skin is doing okay. I have yet to stay on the diet for two weeks. I will start it over again tommorow

August-26, 2002
I have finally made it through a full week of the sample diet. However, I have been eating avocado's with a wee bit of salt for taste and I also have been taking a supplement known as HA from purity products
I am very happy to be going into my second week, wish me good fortune.

September-5, 2002
After 17 days
The diet actually works, I have only two small pimples that are beginning to fade. 


Well it's two days later and I have no new occurences of acne. My skin is actually clear for the first time. 
This is my last semester of college and I am hoping that the stress will not accumulate and cause me to break out again. Pray for me. 


August-18, 2002
I'll start by letting you know that i was on your diet for months. within 2 weeks i was very clear. the clearest i've been in years. as time went on i began experimenting with munch foods. Since my acne was never really anything more than mild at worst, overtime i found i was able to increase daily protein amounts to 20g or sometimes 25g and still have no adverse effects. i continued like this for quite sometime. no problems. 
as time went on, i became pretty skinny and ended up finding out from my doctor (after a blood test) i have "iron-deficiency anemia" which scared the living daylights out of me. when i told him what my diet was like he told me right away to eat more 'green veggies, fish, and meat.' so i kind of weined myself off the diet.
Since following this new diet i find i may get 1 or 2 inflamation a week now..where-as before (on the wai diet) i did not. also, my complexion seems to have gotten worse.
I think ill be going back on your diet again for a second go-round. im choosing to do that since i just felt "better" on your diet. also, i know now that i do not have to be quite as strict as many others who go on your i told you before. do you believe that i can keep myself out of an anemic state and still be on your diet? 


Wai responded:

About the weightloss: weight is ALL about energy management. You can very well maintain your weight on this diet, and even gain muscle weight; you just need to learn how to do so. Check out the Q and A board  for information, and about gaining muscle weight


About the low blood iron levels: You simply have consumed too little high iron foods. To increase your blood iron level, you need to replace low-iron foods with high-iron foods. Check this page to learn which foods are high in iron specifically. Then submit your adapted version of my diet to the nutrient calculator, to check (regarding RDAs) whether the diet supplies you with sufficient iron (and other nutrients). If not, you need to further increase the intake of high iron foods, until sufficient.

August-26, 2002
Here is my update: Absolutely NO inflamations once again. only my 4th day back on your diet. i didnt even have to go on the sample diet first this time since i KNOW it works for me (from prior experience).

Riverdown; Sept-13, 2002; after 6 days

Hi Wai,
During my diet...Im on my 6 day, Im having pimples about 1 or two but they heal at once compared before(stays about 1-3 days) ......Is the diet working for me?


September-23, 2002
Im on the diet for 7 days now (I re-started), but my diet is not that strict, although the my skin have changed greatly for the first time I dont have acne and my face is clear though I have some whiteheads once in a while and all my acne before the diet are all healed and become un-noticeable....
I can say that the diet works for me even if it is not that strict ( But I'll be on the strict diet soon).....

November-25, 2002

I would like to say thank u wai for the info and studies you have shared with me (us) in dealing with this ACNE advise (as well as others) have indeed help me a lot...I could say that Im a worry free acne more acne for the past 1 1/2 month...I have identify all that foods that cause me acne as well as habbits that contribute to resolve my problem...thanks wai...and to others just have patients and it will be healed.....



Aug-26, 2002, after 2 days
Just leaving out the cooked meat, the last two days, already made a difference. The small amount of acne I had is almost gone already. I will have to wait and see, but I'm convinced it will work.. Thanks..
My stomach is protesting a bit, but it will have to get used to the fruits I think. I haven't eaten any fruit for 2 years now..
My parents just saw me and thought I had lost some weight, but I haven't. My face just shows thinner. I think it's because I used to eat a lot of cooked protein before and now there is less water left under my skin. 

Aug-28, 2002, after 4 days
I slept well again last night. I am eating everything raw for the last three days now. I feel good. I think I might have lost a kilogram in weight. I hope it's just the dehydration effect, as I used to eat lots of cooked protein.

Aug-30, 2002, after 6 days
Update: I am doing relatively fine. My skin is getting better and better. My dandruf has completely disappeared. I feel better and people tell me I look better also.

Sept-06, 2002, after 13 days
Today, I am eating more fruit and also lots of salad with plenty of olive oil.. Tastes good indeed. I feel very well and energetic.. 
I had cheated one time, as I ate with my parents: Some cooked chicken and some cooked cabbage. Well, the next day, my skin was a lot worse.. Back on the raw diet, it's improving again, even after one day..

Sept-13, 2002, after 20 days

Tomorrow I'll be on the diet for three weeks in a row. I'm very much convinced that my acne will eventually disappear. It's not gone yet as I cheated two or three times (cooked chicken), which aggrevated my acne considerably.. Now I will stick to the diet 100%..

Sept-20, 2002; after 7 days
Im on the diet for 7 days now, but my diet is not that strict, although the my skin have changed greatly for the first time I dont have acne and my face is clear though I have some whiteheads once in a while and all my acne before the diet are all healed and become un-noticeable....
I dont follow the stict diet for now because I want to start into a preparatory diet so I can prepare my self to a much stricker diet later because I know the diet will help you loose some weight( and considering me as 115 ibs Im 7 lbs under weight from ususal weight) I want a step by step process of adopting to the diet...
I can say that the diet works for me even if it is not that strict ( But I'll be on the strict diet soon).....


October-02, 2002, after 19 days

I somehow clear of everything (been in the fiet for 2 weeks now)..., I somehow identifed the food and the diet works for me...

I still follow the diet....of course ..but the good thing now is that I enjoy some other food that will not cause acne for me (Cooked veggies in a very very moderate amount, Mashed potato once in a while, Dressings on SALADS, fried squash in olive oil)
Basically as of now I still stick on the diet but Im now trying to cosume 100% of helps a lot in my yoga lessone makes my body lighter.....and no acne as well...(I have to thank you Wai for that)
Diet realy works....

Thanks wai....

Knotted String; September 24, 2002

After 1 week

I have tried the sample diet ( without the eggs and shushi, since I am vegetarian). It does get rid of the acne and no new ones pop up.

My acne wasnt very bad to begin with. But this year it has been worrisome. And the only singular thing that might have triggered it off is going to a Thai restaurant and eating an extremely oily veg roll there.. Ever since then I have had this red marks and cysts on my cheeks and jaw lines. Then I read ( actually paid a princely sum of $12.50 for it) that one should do NOTHING to heal acne. Just do a hot towel compress and dont touch the face as much as possible. I did see a slight improvement, but not to extent that would convince me that it was the way to go. Then I came across your web site and it made sense that what you eat affects how you look. and so I tried your diet. I do see that with this diet, no new acne comes up, but it does not help the scars from the old acne.. I guess I just have to be patient!

SlickRick, August 30, 2002
I've been on your diet for about a week and a half, during which time I've been eating exactly what I'm supposed to be. As for my acne, I had mild acne to begin with and after about 3 days on the diet I had erruptions on my chin and cheek which I have not had for years. 
When I think back my acne was always worsened when I ate a lot of salty food and meat.

October 1, 2002
After 5 weeks
I've been on the diet since my initial post and now it's all good, but, I've made some changes. I now eat 30g per day of dirty protein and feel much better than I was restricting it to just 15g or less. I eat about 2.5kg fruit per day.
now my skin is as beautiful as a baby's bum. 

Chris10Astra, September 16, 2002

Well I had followed the Sample Diet loosely. I had potato chips, or pasta, or a tortilla wrap a few times. But my acne definately got better. 
Then this weekend happened. I had lots of bad stuff, and now I am paying the price. My skin is definately telling me something. 
Now, I don't know if my period had something to do with it, as my skin usually gets worse immediately following it...but I am inclined to believe that the food had something to do with it. I had wheat, and lots of soy protein. Ugh. 
I am *really* looking forward to going back to the Sample Diet. I'm going to try to go at least a week without a cheat. 
I think I learned my lesson.
I also had less good fat this weekend. I'm out of avocados and there's nothing like avocado with that salad. 
And if you have fruit for breakfast you have to have fat immediately afterward right? 
I got my Brazil nuts today! I didn't get much so I'll have to order more. They are so much different (better) than the store-bought shelled kind. 


September-22, 2002

I have gone off of the diet and have felt horrible. My skins is disgusting and I feel very heavy. I need some motivation or inspiration from those of you who have stuck with it. I'm not enjoying being off the diet...not even with all of the junky food.


October-3, 2002

The past two weeks are the worst my skin has 
ever been on my neck/chin so it was discouraging but I'm starting anew.

I'm now on my fourth day of your diet (have started over 
numerous times) and my skin is clearing up but again I'm not sure if it has to do w/ my upcoming period or not.

Soy De Josh; October-03, 2002; After 5 weeks
before the diet i had mild to moderate acne, i think it got so bad in the begining (7th grade) because i was using these acne products that had alot of benzol peroxide which dryed my skin out badly and made my skin worse than better. it also didnt help with the food i was eating. Chocolate, pizza, and other stuff. after many years i figured out mostly what wasnt good for my skin. i still had bad acne, but it was tolarable. then i found your website and started your diet and it worked really good. my skin is about 99% cleared. im starting to reintroduce some of my old favorite munch foods again like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, veg soup, but im still staying away from chicken, turkey, and pizza because they destroy my face. 
i wish i found ur website a long time ago, it would of saved me alot of embarresment. I really apperciate all the help u given me and i love ur website.

Lizzy, only after 3 weeks

October-12, 2002

Hi everyone,
I have been on the diet for 3 weeks and am ready to make a post with my results. Week 1: many of the pimples I had started to dry up. Pretty happy with that, but new pimples were still developing. So, I read more and realized I was making some mistakes, even though I was still being SO STRICT: I was using olive oil which was not extra virgin and blending up my fruits and I ate unshelled nuts (once), drank some coffee (once) and wine (once). So, I stipped all these mistakes away and went on with more determination during week 2. Fully strict this time except once I had some gin (it's sooo hard to go out and not have a drink!) No progress at all even though I had become so strict! I was getting very discouraged. New pimples were developing! I felt like nothing in the world was ever gonna work for me. But, I kept on going fully determined to stay on this diet for as long as it took!

Well, it is now the end of week 3 and my skin has totally cleared up! It really has! Someone even told me "it glows" (and I have to admit-- sometimes it really does!) I am thrilled. And I am really getting adapted to this very strict diet. It is not really hard at all, especially because I now see how much it works. I am so skeptical that clear skin would ever last for me (it's only been 3 weeks now) so I am going to keep monitoring, but I am super happy with the results so far. I want to thank Wai for sharing all this information. Thank you, thank you! I can't get over the rush I feel knowing I have some control over this problem. In fact, knowing that I have so much control over myself is a rush. The discipline I am discovering I have over myself by going on this strict diet has given me an inner confidence that I was not even looking for-- a confidence totally separate from the way I look! Very cool.
I do have one question-- people who are posting their results with the diet keep talking about how smooth their skin feels. Well my skin looks great and yes, seems to have a lovely glow often, but it does NOT feel smooth. In fact, it used to feel much smoother. It feels like there are little microscopic bumps in places. Wondering if that will go away.
Also, in case anyone is interested, I have battled with acne for about 15 years. It comes and goes. I get it with my menstrual cycle, I get it when I'm stressed, but I also just get it randomly. I almost always have a pimple, and sometimes lots-- big and small, mostly on my face. The reason I went looking for information on the Net about acne (when I discovered this diet) is because it had started to get really bad again (huge ragers on my chin! horrible!) and I had just had enough! I have been on all kinds of medication for acne in my past. Accutane was the only thing that worked but I didn't want to go there again. I have tried all the well-known
infommercial products, but nothing worked for me.
This diet has given me new hope and I am sticking to it. I will keep posting my progress. Thanks again, Wai!


After 3 months; January 17, 2003

It's been more than 3 months since I first started Wai's diet and I thought I would just add a comment that I am still doing it and very happy with the results. Christmas season nearly killed me, though. I was forced to go completely off the rails for weeks because there were parties almost every other day and I could not hold to the diet. I also travelled and stayed with friends/family and had to eat 'normal food' because any other option was too much work for me and my hosts. I broke out badly. BADLY! Diet is totally responsible for acne, that much I KNOW!!
I am back on track now and my skin is clear again. I am getting better at knowing what to watch out for. I have to remain very strict, though. I am very sensitive to acne. But I do make a few exceptions and just suffer the consequences (the consequences aren't 'that' bad at all, in my opinion). In addition to the strict stuff (raw fruits, eggs, oil, nuts) I do eat some cooked veggies now and then and manage to have a cup of coffee every day, the ocassional drink, and the occassional 'blended' concoction of fruits with avacado. (Getting a little sick of eating avacado on its own).
Just wanted to give an update on my progress! My advice to anyone who has acne is to give this is try, it totally works. Change is possible!

Robert, Nov-18, 2002
After 9 months
In a nutshell, I am a 22 year old male and about two years ago, I decided to try a pretty standard vegan diet, consisting mostly of whole-wheat, soy and vegetables. My reaction to the diet over a period of about 4 or 5 months consisted of digestive problems, irratability, dry skin, acne and diffuse hair loss. I switched to your diet about 9 months ago and virtually all of the problems, with the exception of the hair loss, cleared up. What I mean by the hairloss not clearing up is that my density stopped decreasing after starting your diet, but it has never improved either.
The acne stopped within about half a week.


Oct-18, 2002, after 3 weeks
I'm not even 100% certain that I'm suffering from acne; it might be some other sort of skin disorder/infection. But as far as I can tell at this stage, my skin does seem to be responding positively to the diet. It'll take more time for me to have a better idea.
If it is acne, it's some sort of cystic type. It developed about nine months ago, and for most of the time I was convinced that it was a bacterial infection. It's fairly disgusting: weeping red sores that can become the size of quarters and excrete some sort of clear, watery pus. Acne didn't even cross my mind as a possible cause until about 6 weeks ago, because it doesn't resemble any acne that I've ever had before. It's very slow-healing, disfiguring, and sometimes seems to act like it's contagious. It will almost "crawl" from spot to spot. I sometimes apply a bit of pressure, however, so it could just be that with my interference I'm causing the infection to spread beneath the surface.
Anyhow, I'm still learning to integrate your diet into my daily life. It's not always easy to follow all the rules, like resting after consuming protein, or not using tap water to wash my face. And I sometimes do extremely stupid things.
I know that dirty protein is a big problem for me. The only time I've cheated was last weekend when I had some cooked salmon. I almost immediately had four or five new breakouts. (The only new ones during the three weeks that I've been on the diet.) 

Nov-22, 2002, after 2 months
I'm basically clear right now, except for a few small spots on the forehead that refuse to disappear. The diet has definitely healed my skin. Without a doubt.
Mostly I still stick to the strict diet. The spots are from a few weeks ago when I cheated with some cooked salmon. They refuse to go away.

Matthew, Dec. 15, 2002

I just wanted to say thanks for providing this site and all the information on it. It has really helped me and has also provided some very interesting reading... Sometimes it's almost overwhelming the amount of material that you
have written/researched. Most of the time I'm kind of surprised at how right on you are about things. You seem to have all the answers Wai... and I must admit in the beginning I was a big skeptic... I'm just curious though... Who are you? Is this all apart of some big research project/dissertation? Why don't more people have your information? Why do I feel like If I went to my doctor and told him about my diet he would just flip out and tell me I was crazy... but at the same time, I'm proof because my acne clears up when I follow it... and when I don't, it comes back... If eating the food I'm used to eating simply causes acne on the "outside"... god only knows what it's doing to my "insides"... It just makes too much sense so perfectly, yet it seems disappointing that the truth seems to hide in such darkness... The answer is simple, but ever since I've had acne the answer has been anything but simple... it's been a constant flow of annoying medication and antibiotics and a world of ups and downs... I guess I don't really understand... thanks again Wai...

January 14, 2003

Kikkie, after one year

I've been on this diet for over a year and it works in terms of eliminating acne, decreasing cellulite and reaching the ideal set point weight. Before the diet, I had severe acne around my jaw line and cheek bones. After a few weeks on the sample diet, this cleared up and now I have no scars to prove this. So if anyone is having trouble starting out on this diet, remember it does work, and once initiated, there is no turning back to old habits and troubled skin.

I always had a "dirty" face with up to ten to fifteen zits at a time. Even when my skin was at its best, there was still five to six pimples to cover up. Only these pimples were hard to cover since they were quite large. It took about a week for me to see a difference and about three weeks to clear skin. Before the diet I ate lots of "not so healthy" health food; (ie: vitamins, vegstables, broiled fish, yogert, feta cheese, pasta...), so the conversion to a raw food, fruit, brazil nut and sashimi diet was simple. As for cellulite, it took about three months for a significant different to be seen. Now that I have limited my intake of salt, tea and starbucks coffee, my cellulite looks even better. As for weightloss, I really did not want to lose weight, instead I wanted to maintain a more steady weight; I no longer juggle 10-15 pounds, my weight remains ideal and consistant.

Star95, January 15, 2003; after 13 days

i have been on the sample diet for thirteen days and yes, my acne has decreased nicely. thank you wai very much. i have (or had) moderate acne; unfortunately, i have severe scarring. 
thanks to everyone, i enjoy reading the bulletin board. it has been very supportive during the past two weeks
i would have about five to ten active breakouts on my face on any given day. some would be more "surface" zits while others would be cysts. as soon as one would go away, another would take its place. the derms i saw would always say it was a mild case. but the scarring is pretty extensive: pock marks on my cheeks, my right cheek in particular. 
on the sample diet, i did not get any new cysts or bad zits that would last for weeks and weeks. i would get little zits though
no major breakouts on my cheeks, which has been really bugging me the most as my cheeks scar really bad.

Kathitep80, November 06, 2002

I am thrilled with this diet, and I would just like to say to everyone who has acne, that it is a gift, it is our body's way of telling us that something isnt right. I believe we are all extremely lucky to have been exposed to this truthful information, and we can now all be shining examples to the rest of the world to share this healthy healing truth with them!!! Thank you Wai.

In answer to your question, my acne was moderate...The reason caausing me to search the web for help was b/c I slowly developed these two HUGE DISGUSTING PUSS filled DEEP pimples (more like mountains sitting on top of craters, I know, gross) one on either corner of my mouth, which only got progressively worse, no matter what topical treatment or cleanser i used. They would NOT GO AWAY OR HEAL, I had them for nearly two months... they were never ending huge raw holes, and I just didnt know what to do, and when I stopped cooking all of my veggies and pastas in olive oil, which I did nearly every single day, they then finally slowly started to heal and to go away...other than that ( which was SO AWFUL, as I am sure you all know!) I only had a few scattered pimples on my chin and my lower jawbone, and lower cheek area. So, now that I no longer cook in oil, I eat a lot more fruit, Brazil nuts, tomato cucumber salads, and the sashimi Salmon, which does wonders for my skin...I still occasionally eat pasta, but oddly(and sadly) enough, I now feel sick after eating it! At first i felt a little weird after eating the sashimi, and now I feel great after eating the sashimi, and sick and lethargic after eating the pasta! I can see how I am addicted to whatever is in prepared foods, b/c even when i am full, i still dont feel satisfied after eating fruits, and I am so glad to know that its just b/c my body is in withdrawal!! Needless to say, my friends and family think i am psycho, but they shut up when they see how much better my skin looks...and it's only going to get better


Maria (changed name), January 23, 2003; after 4 months

I've been posting off and on, but never really introduced myself. I just wanted to share my experiences on this diet so far, and get any feedback/suggestions/recommendations. 

I have been on this diet since late September and I am really happy with the results so far. My skin is almost perfect now that I only wash it with water. Also, I've gone from 150 to 135 lbs (I'm 5'5 1/2 and medium boned and athletic build). 

In a typical day, I now eat the following: 1 banana, handful of almonds/hazelnuts/brazil nuts, fruit all day long, 1 basket of berries with very little plain yogurt, and then three small meals of either tomato/olive oil salad with 1 piece of bread or 1 whole california avocado with 1 piece of bread and cucumber. I don't limit myself to these things, this is just what ended up being what makes me feel satisfied. I admit that I don't have the egg yolks everyday. Maybe only a couple times a week... Maybe I should be better about this?

Again, I am so happy wiht the results of this diet, and I thank you Wai for putting up all of this information and dedicating so much of your time to helping people! It is so refreshing to find a site that is run by an individual who is motivated not by money but instead by the pursuit of knowledge, truth and the well-being of other human beings. Thanks Wai!

Simon, Januari 12, 2003

Dear Wai, I've been doing your diet for 1 week now and I have had about 6 new spots on my face and a bit of dry skin, is this normal? I have been very strict with the diet, I hope it all clears up next week? I've had Cystic Acne for 12 years so this is really my last resort.


Januari 15, 2003

I'm in the middle of my second week and I'm seeing some great improvements. As regards to the water issue, I think I will just stick to the bottled water. I did read the information on water, but got confused with the measurements as I live in Holland and they are displayed on the bottle different. I'm really starting to enjoy the food that I am eating, and seeing what other people eat, there is no way I think I could go back to eating what we are supposed to call normal food, its basically junk. Thanks.


Januari 23, 2002

Dear Wai, I'm nearly at the end of my 3rd week and I'm still getting spots on my face, can you give me a rough estimate on how long this will last as I'm still doing a very strict diet, except for the peeling of my fruit in the first 2 weeks, but now I'm peeling all fruits. I can't see where I'm going wrong?

... My backside is clearing and my legs and back, I'm still getting small spots on my face, but very few. I only wash my face with water, and I allways follow sugar with fat. I don't take any Supplements and I allways stay inactive after egg yolks.


Januari 28, 2003

I am in my 4th week and I am seeing some improvements, but still my forehead is covered in acne, but the rest of my face seems to be clearing... I was eating Brazil Nuts and Walnuts which I shell myself, but I think I may be allergic to walnuts. I'm going to not eat any nuts for a week and see if it has any effect.


Februari 06, 2003

I've been doing Wai's Diet for nearly 5 weeks and I can say that this is the best diet in the world. I have only been bad once, which was last weekend when I had a small slice of Carrot cake. I was expecting a big outbreak but all I got was 2 new spots. And they were both on my chest which wasn't to bad, And they were very small anyway. I can believe it when I look in the mirror, my face has only got about 4 scars and they are clearing fast. I have also not eaten any nuts as I think I am allergic to them. I will keep you updated with my results. Any questions anybody would like to ask I will be happy to answer as I was expecting results in the first 2 weeks but they never came. Patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait.

My acne was very severe and at this very moment in time it hasn't totally cleared up as I have been a little bad this weekend and last. but I am surprised at the reaction I know get from eating junk food, which is not as bad as it used to be. 
I do still get spots even in the 4th and 5th week, which I know if I do the diet very strict for 2-4 weeks it will totally clear up as it isn't that bad right now.

June-04, 2003; after 6 months 
hello Wai, I would say I've been on and off your strict diet for about 6 months, My skin is looking much better, my face is I would say 100% clean now, but my back and legs are a little bit spotty, and I mean a little bit. I have noticed that if I eat 150g Salmon every day I seem to get worse instead of better, I have now been strict for 3 weeks and for the last week I have cut the salmon down to 75g and it seems to be clearing, especially my face. I have got so used to this diet that I don't even have the urge to eat other food anymore. I have also stopped using commercial shower gels and shampoo's and only buy organic as after reading information on these products I was quite shocked by what was in them. I only use mineral water on my face and after shaving I use rose water and its the business. No more shaving rashes 
I'm abit worried about the introduction of munch foods, I'm thinking of just intruducing more salad veggies and thats it for a while. Is there anything in raw nuts that I don't get from the Stict diet? because I havn't eaten them for along time now. I will keep you updated with my progress

Frugivore, March-9, 2003
I just want to thank you again for your advice and offer an update on how Im doing with the diet and the acne.
One of my big concerns was losing muscle weight and mass while adapting to this diet, I am tall (I am a male,
6 foot 6 inches tall, I weigh about 230 pounds, and I lift weights 3 times a week) and already very lean, very little fat to lose, so I was carefull. But I have actually gained some weight and its not even fat, Ive gained 5-10 pounds, and it doesnt seem to be water weight retention because my muscle tone is more visible.
I still am eating meat and bread, but much less, because I feel wonderfully satisfied with the addition of lots of fresh fruit, raw nuts, 5 yolks a day, and I LOVE the salad-Ive added lime juice to it which is amazing! 
I think one reason I may have gained weight is that I am actually able to digest and process the food successfully. I used to have much more flatulence than I do now, I hardly get it at all now. And the big question: how is my acne? It is practically gone completely! I never get it on my jawline anymore, and my back-the worst area-is clearing up daily, just a bunch of little old dead scabby skin stuff that is healling quickly. If I do get new acne its always on my back and very very small and goes away quickly. I am soooo
glad I read your work, it convinced me to start eating better and helped me develop a feeling of health empowerment and health confidence.I feel wonderful. Thanks again Wai and keep up the good work!




I don't have to tell anyone anything! They just take one look at me and beg me for advise on what they should do. Everyone around me seems to be slowly eating like me, it's crazy! I don't even tell some of them, I just see them watching what I eat and then they proceed to buy and consume more of it, and despite the fact they still eat a lot of junk food, even I have been pleasantly surprised to notice changes in them too.

Take my workmate for starters. She has always been overweight. She constantly asks me for tips and watches what I eat. She was there when my diet was rubbish (and I was still slim, but certianly not 'healthy-looking'). Little by little she has started to eat more fruits etc. and I was really shocked at the effect on her skin. She has never had acne but her face is just so smooth and glowing now, and she has even lost a bit of weight! And this has been the case for about four months now. I know she will probably never adopt the diet 100% but it's great she is getting benefits from some of it. Then there is my good mate. She used to be really huge with bad skin during her period, but she started eating like me and now she has lost a tonne of weight and her skin is much better. She did not decide to eat like me because she had acne, but because she thought that must be the secret to my health and vitality. I am totally buzzing from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. She calls me 'energy' now cus I am just all over the place, and my mental stamina just goes on and goes on forever! I can study all day and night, and still have optimum concentration and memory recall. My stomach is so visibly flat now, people are beginning to ask me more and more if I am a model!!

My ex flatmate started to eat like me too, just like that! My sister has now given up milk and to her amazement, her stomach has flattened considerably. Now she believes me when I tell her that so called 'healthy' foods can cause bloating. If only she had realised this years ago. The rest of her body is slim but she always had a bloated abdomen and used to exercise like mad to try and get rid of this. Unknown to her it was not 'fat' but bloat. 

My friend is beginning to doubt his own diet. As a former gourmet chef, he used to cook feasts for hundreds of people, and enjoys cooking at home too, but when he sees how radiant and full of life I am...he asks about the diet and even goes to to investigate. He calls me 'the hurricane' because I am constantly wheezing here and there with bright ideas and full of energy.

I had a friend who suffered from severe depression. He was always visibly jealous of how 'happy' I seemed and one day I told him to try the diet. He is now eating fruit (something he NEVER used to do!) and is even considering eating the raw egg yolks.

I can go on and on giving examples, but you get my drift. I am happy many of these people knew me BEFORE the diet. I was okay then, I got tired like everyone else, I got bloated, I had bad acne now and again, and basically just looked 'OK'. Now, they see how fit I am, how happy I ALWAYS am, how mentally sharp I always am, how much my memory has improved, how my skin has improved, and that extra bounce in my step. I am now a people-magnet...I just radiate peace, happiness and vibrance!! That is how I used to be as a teenager. I thought the change was due to age, unknown to me it was due to my very horrid diet. I wake up singing a song and immediately feel like dancing! Before I used to have to drag myself out of bed and felt like a zombie at mornings.

I am very happy for you that you too have noticed several of the good aspects Wai tries to share with the world. I still thank God I found this diet. I only have to look at myself in the mirror! 

Basically, I am just saying that it seems to have affected several areas of my life in a great way, so much so that people are the ones approaching me and asking for tips.


Brian, October 12, 2005 
I have been on this diet for 3 years now.
It took me a while to become strict, but I had maintained that for 1.5 years.
I was perfectly clear and extremely happy.
But my acne was not bad before this diet, I chose it for other reasons.

For the last year or so I have been about 98% strict.
I am almost always perfectly clear.
But sometimes if I choose to cheat too much I get a small pimple.
I also do not feel quite as well when I cheat, and thus will be stopping that shortly.

The reason why I cheated was because of social pressure.
It is extremely difficult for me to go out for a night and solely drink my own orange juice.
If I sit at a coffee shop to talk with a friend, I buy coffee or a pasteurized juice.
And of course the same applies to sitting with a friend at a restraunt or going to a club.

But, there are ways around this.
For example if you tip the staff well without buying anything, they will not be upset that you don't buy anything.
And at this point I feel I can more easily deal with these social pressures, thus I can maintain the diet the way I choose.

In 3 years I have never had a day that I "just don't feel good", aside from being sick with a cold once, or not getting enough sleep.
This used to happen to me occasionally before this diet.

Thus I am 100% satisfied with the diet.
The only issues have been my own in sorting out how to socialize with people and maintain this diet the way I choose. 

Sunpower9, September 24, 2005 
Hi everyone,

Namaste I have been waiting for a long time to see a new board like this now I get a chance to post my experience and feelings about this diet. 
I really have experienced a whole lot of positive changes 
I was formerly a lacto ovo vegetarian and was not much healthy, low energy, depression,anemia,acne,grey hairs,unable to withstand sunlight,severe menstrual cramps,poor circulation, plagued me 
I felt almost dead and had lost all enthusiasm for life at 22. 

At 25 I found shazzie's link and from her site I found a link to waisays. 
I enjoyed reading her journals and I liked wai's information about food and how it relates to a whole lot of health problems being a paramedical student myself(Pharmaceutical sciences) I could definitely see the darker picture(none of the drugs that we manufacture are free from side effects and I personally don't ingest any pharmaceutical preparation.) 
ok now getting back to my story, i changed my diet overnight, started having fresh fruits,nuts,greens(juiced),salad with olive oil and raw eggs. 
I managed to inspire my mom to go on this diet too.We both started it together, although her diet is a bit different than mine(doesn't eat eggs, vegan) she has done amazingly well. 
I am 27 now and my mom is 51. 
Positive changes in me after I started this diet-- 

1) lost weight from 52 to 46kgs(I was lean before)
2) No more anemia, nails which were white and pale are now a healthy pink.
3) Had white spots on nails (zinc deficiency) before now there are none.
4) No new gray hairs,hair and eyes have turned darker.
5) No menstrual cramps
6) Amazing energy, no depression.
7) Skin clearer, younger and smoother, no more acne.
8) No longer sensitive to sunlight on the contrary enjoy long hours of sun exposure and the body seems to be demanding it.
9) Good circulation.
10) No more colds fever or any allergies.
11) No more cravings for chocolates 

It's almost the same for my mom, she had some kind of a rash on her left palm which never healed and it kept spreading but when she changed her diet it's totally healed,she looks more younger, no one can guess her real age. 
People tell me that she looks like my sister 
Well I do eat cooked food occasionally but make it a point to have enough fresh salad before i eat it. 
No longer eat fried stuff or sweets of any kind.If I eat cooked it would be steamed rice,veggies,very little beans that's it.I have never liked wheat stuff I don't eat it anymore. 

The journey from cooked food to raw has been amazing for both me and my mom.It's easy to inspire others, now most of my relatives have increased their intake of fresh fruits in their diets. 

Spring, August 13, 2005 
I have been back on the diet for about ten months and it has been really wonderful. 
I have lost 14 kilograms and am still losing. I have to lose about five more. 
I don't feel like I am dieting though, I eat whenever I am hungry. 

One point I should mention is that I did not really do the diet properly for quite some time: I moved to Korea about 9 months ago and I found myself eating instant noodles and a lot of hot chili food (kimchi and other pickled vegetables) as munch food. 
This became a problem as it made me want to overeat on munchfood, which I was doing, and in addition it also left me feeling bloated. 

I also became very wary of rice and bread (and grains in general) in the last couple of months, even as munch food, as I felt they were making me less sharp mentally, having an anesthetic effect. 

So now I stick to fruit juices (I make two large bottles of juice in the morning - of whichever fruit is seasonal and can be easily juiced, at the moment watermelon, pineapple and kiwi fruit, in the winter it was strawberries and oranges; plus olive oil and sugar); dried fruit to snack on, a big green salad - tomato and/or cucumber (and some greens - just for the flavor) with a big drizzle of olive oil. 
I also eat about four other pieces of fruit. I eat two egg yolks in the morning. I eat raw salmon twice a week. 
I can't get fresh raw nuts where I am, and even if they are raw but not fresh (I tried raw but not freah macadamias and hazel nuts at one stage), they make me constipated, so I have just been relying on eating more fruit to make up for this. 

I find this whole diet so convenient: not much cooking at all. It has been very satisfying and I find my palate changing too. I can appreciate delicate flavors more as I eat spicy food very minimally now; before I used to drown everything in spices. I can even savour the taste of a simple salad of greens and olive oil (no salt or other seasonings): the olive oil has enough flavor for me. 

Overall, Wai's diet is working well for me.

Sula58, September 03, 2005
Hey everyone!

Like others, I am very excited that, after reading through the entire "wai talk" forum and the "Wai says" website ...not to seem obsessive, but I'm still in awe of all this information and feel so blessed to have come upon it! ) and following the diet, a year and a half now...that I can finally post something. 

First off, there are so many pros to this way of eating that it's almost astounding how few "cons" there are. In my opinion, the only downside is: 
1) social approval and 
2) cravings for "bad" food.

The second one is only a difficulty in the beginning though, and now I am repelled by the thought of eating "normal" food! In my experience, it takes about a month for the cravings to disappear and the revulsion to replace it. 
And as far as social approval goes, that's only a small battle. I don't tell acquaintances or most of my friends about it, because I find it difficult enough to explain it to my close friends and family! And of those people, after eventually convincing maybe a couple of them that my life is so much better now, they want to try it for themselves...and they don't read about it, don't want to take the time, are too impatient, etc. (typical American "I want it now, and easy, and fast!") and give up after two days (relating to "con" #2, most likely). And that's depressing to me. I mean, I really STUDIED the diet and web site (the forum,btw, is so helpful), took the time, because I felt I was worth it. My friends and family are worth that much to me, too, but what can I do? 

(on a side note, they don't understand "how I do it"; even though, ironically, I used to BINGE on proteinaceous didn't become a weight problem, but I felt like/had the mind of an addict.) 

But I could write forever about how many pros there are! 

I am prettier, happier, slimmer, more clear-minded, and (unless I, for some reason, didn't get enough sugar) am always in a good mood. For the first time in my life, I am regular . I feel really "alive," which sounds weird, but it's the only way to describe it. 
It took me quite a while to tune the diet so that my skin could be be honest, I still haven't found the PERFECT way (and I AM a college student, so it's not easy), but I'm always getting better. For me, I found that: 

1) I need enough protein every day or else I break out/get moody. About 8 yolks a day. It took me months to realize that! :-) If I do only two less than that, it'll show. Interesting. Ha ha, maybe I'm still growing? 
2) Make sure to get enough sugar all the time...if I don't have honey or fruit with me, I suck on sugar candies. Not satisfying/taste fake to me, but works out of necessity. 
Nonetheless, I've finally learned how to listen to my body and know what it wants, which, during my teens, I somehow forgot how to do. How amazing to intuitively sense what I need! 

I feel like there are (and will continue developing) many die-hard fans of Wai (and RRM of course) because being on this diet, and seeing its positive changes, fundamentally changes one's view of the world. Because we've been told lies, and that's really scary, because I grew up viewing our government, our leaders, and our doctors, as parental figures who were trying to protect us. It's scary when you realize they're hurting you, on purpose! On a personal level, I had a so-called "awakening" in so many respects, questioning every superficial level of this world (instead of mindlessly living in it), because of this diet! That translates into so much, and my life is so different now, and I can't put into words my appreciation. 

So that's all! Thank-you again, and I really encourage people to try this diet --but to have patience and do all the research properly, because the positive results will be easier to achieve! 

much love: sula58 


HI! I was just re-reading on Wai's acne board and saw the new board! I am so excited! I have been following this diet off and on for over a year now after finding it while looking for help with my rosacea. I sometimes struggle with people judging the way I eat. I have learned not to say anything unless someone asks and then they think it sounds silly because they think unless you have lots of protein (over cooked meat, yuk!) you will die! People at my work think I am weird because I don't stuff my self with pizza and hamburgers like they do every day! They tell me I am starving my self! And I am not the thin type, I am curvy. (5'2"- 115pds) The hard thing is my five year old daughter and my parents. I have told them over and over, tried to explain, that she doesn't need dairy and meat! Yet, they give it to her almost every day. They are very old school. 

My mom thinks she is being healthy when she serves fried okra, mashed potatoes and meat loaf. (because it's homemade) My daughter has dairy allergies, it causes her bloating and constipation, yet they still give it to her! I try my best to feed her lots of fruit and such. It's a hard situation since they help me keep her during the day while I work. I wish I could find some way to make them understand, as they could use the diet themselves! Both are mildly overweight. I am very sensitve to food additives, and they think I am crazy or a hypochondriac. Additives litterally give me palpitations and make my head spin. 

This diet has made such a big difference in my life I wish I could get people to try it and understand. Most just use the excuse that they couldn't live with out the junk because they like to "eat". I would be on it 100% if I could stop falling for the occasional cheat. I find I want to cheat when I get stressed. 

As for the diet my fav's are banana and egg mixed, fruit smoothies with egg, fruit salads and salmon with lime juice. I just wish I was more creative! 

When I am really faithful, my cellulite goes away and I look much healthier. I need less sleep and I have lots more energy. I am very sensitive to dirty protien. Just one cheat meal, and woosh, all the cellulite and blotchy skin comes back the next day. It depends on the cheat too. Starchy carbs are the worst, and of course the evil food additives (food coloring, msg ect) When I go to the store, I see all the processed food as poision and it makes my sad and angry! 

I am glad I found this board and I am going to a make a new reslolve to stick to the diet. 


BlueFrog, September 02, 2005

Howdy! I just wanted to pop in, say hi, and thank Wai and her supporters for posting the helpful information found in her online pamphlets. Some of her conclusions correspond with what my own experience with food has told me about how my body reacts to certain foods, but unfortunately much of it bucks conventional Western diet ideals, so I ignored my body and have suffered for it. 

Unlike many of the people on this and the previous Wai Says bulletin board, I didn’t find this diet because of acne, but because of constipation. For more than two decades I have had severe constipation, normally going 2 to 5 times a month and at it’s worst only once a month when menstrual cramps were severe enough to induce bowel movement. The constant advice given by doctors, nutritionists, and even in my own research online and in medical books was to drink lots of water, eat lots of fiber, and get more exercise. It didn’t seem to matter that at the time I was running 10 to 15 miles per day, consuming about 45 grams of fiber day (from natural sources like beans, popcorn, carrots, etc.), and drinking about a gallon of water a day. The answer was always more, more, more. 

But, my symptoms got worse. Bowel movements were so taxing that I’d break out about six hours ahead of time in a rash like acne all over my face and neck, chest, and sometimes small patches on other parts of my body. A couple of hours later I would pass out from exhaustion in narcoleptic fashion. I fell asleep driving, in lectures at school, standing up and leaning against a wall, anywhere, anytime. Then when I woke up I’d finally have a very painful bowel movement. I tried laxatives twice only because the gas pain was making me cry. The first time they worked, the second time they didn’t and I didn’t try again. Olive oil and lemon juice didn’t help, heating pads (to relax the belly muscles), fiber, water, or anything else. Although, I almost always felt bloated, tired, and exhausted, was convinced that a big factor in my constant acne was the constipation, and knew I was not getting all the nutrients I needed, had dangerously low vitals, depression that worsened as my constipation did, and a myriad of other problems that very directly correlated with the constipation, I was convinced it was something I couldn’t help. 

But, one night about three weeks ago, after suffering from gas pain for several days, I decided to do some more online research and after hours of getting more of the same advice I stumbled on Some of what I read made sense, some of it seemed a bit extreme. But, the line that got me was: “A watermelon only contains 0.2% fiber. But even if you ate only watermelons, you definitely would not be constipated….Beans contain so much fiber that they always cause gas, but do not necessarily make your bowels move.” This rang true with my own experience. High fiber foods always intensified my constipation. I decided to try the diet despite my reservations. I’ve certainly done less healthy things than eat fruit and nuts for a few days. (A brief summary of my diet is below.) 

The first day I did not have any relief of constipation symptoms or acne, but my skin seemed to change texture overnight. By day three I had a bowel movement and my family actually noticed a change in my face. Since then I have had relatively gentle bowel movements every 2 to 3 days ( a vast improvement from violent ones every 2 to 3 weeks), have had very little bloating, have had steady improvement in my acne and skin tone (it’s about 70% clearer), don’t need to use any moisturizers (except on my hands due to frequent washing), am showing less cellulite, have noticed burn scars I’ve had for years starting to fade, have more energy, normalized sleep patterns, and am less moody and irritable. I haven’t noticed any side effects. 

I’ve been astounded with the results of this diet and very pleased with how easy it is to follow. Seeing the remarkable results with no apparent side effects thus far is very motivating. I don’t hunger for other foods as much as I have on other nutrition regimens. Following what is considered healthy by Western medicine and nutrition standards I was always hungry. My hunger pains would wake me up at night sometimes. Not on this diet. 

Thanks again Wai for the great information. I wish it had been available to me 10 years ago. But, these three weeks have corrected a lot of damage done from the past several decades of eating ‘healthily’ according to conventional Western wisdom. I intend to continue for some time and would definitely recommend the diet to anyone I know with complaints of acne or chronic constipation. It’s done wonders for me so far. 

posted December 07, 2005 02:45 AM 

Having lurked on both this forum (and the old one) for about a month, and having profited tremendously from the knowledge therein and on, the time has come for me to attempt to repay this community, RRM and Wai for the tremendously positive effect they have wrought on my life. I will attempt to summarize my dietary experiences heretofore, and also make some observations at the end that I hope will benefit fellow lurkers and allow them to reach their own individual conclusions with greater confidence. Read this if you would like to—honestly, it is cathartic for me to just write it, and in that regard, I am satisfied if it receives no attention. 
Two years ago, at the age of seventeen, I made the decision to become a vegetarian. The reason I chose to do this was motivated in part by ethical concerns, but indeed primarily due to my perception of vegetarianism being a healthier lifestyle in general. Having been overweight for most of my childhood (and, ironically, becoming slim a few months prior to making this decision due to an omnivorous diet with regular exercise), nutrition and health was always on my mind from an early age, and exercising responsibility in choices relevant to the two was always a preoccupation for me. A few months later, I made the transition to full veganism. 
I like restrictive diets, and indeed, may have some sort of mild obsessive-compulsive fixation with them, but never to the degree of an eating disorder. I have no doubt flirted with ‘orthorexia’ on occasion, but have always been open to the concerns and opinions of my friends and family. I am sure many who have come from an overweight childhood can empathize with this capricious tendency to fixate on food even after the excess weight has been lost. What I ate, or how it tasted, never really mattered per se; what mattered most to me was nutritional content, charts, RDAs, and so forth. Thus, I had no real challenge eliminating meat and dairy products as a whole, eagerly replacing them with varieties of grains, legumes, soy milk and processed cereals. I wore hemp sandals, played the pan flute, and indeed even had some respectable dreadlocks for a period of time ( 
Thus was the status quo until roughly three months ago. During that time, I gained many pounds of fat, and experienced a resurgence in the acne that I had suffered from throughout high school. I had managed to eliminate it prior to becoming an undergraduate through the use of oral antibiotics (doxycycline), Differin, Benzoyl-peroxide, and salicylic acid topical washes. However, despite these continued treatments, I once again had bad skin, to my distress. I was not quite sure what to attribute this to, as I was sure that diet was not a factor (and even if it was, the presumption was that my diet was exemplary). Uncertain about the causes, I was prescribed a topical antibiotic (clindamyocin), which managed to alleviate the symptoms somewhat.
Three months ago, I took it upon myself to do some additional research into nutrition, which I enjoyed doing as a worthwhile hobby (though with the corridor-vision of veganism preventing the serious consideration of information to the contrary). My first discovery, and indeed, an immense shock to me during this period of study was the revelation of the dangers of soy consumption. This was severely upsetting to me, as it formed a necessary component of my current diet. Eliminating that, I then discovered the negative consequences of grain consumption as well, and suddenly, found myself immersed in the world of raw veganism. 
This, I felt, was the true solution. I purchased no less than five books on the subject and lurked extensively on the Raw and Living Foods bulletin board. I even came across the site during this time, but did not linger on it for very long due to its very nature as an ideally omnivorous lifestyle. The veganism, again, was restricting me. The tragedy of veganism, if I may editorialize for a bit, is that it is a dietary regime rooted in ideology, along moral/ethical/religious/‘spiritual’ grounds. For good or for ill, the universe we reside in is a physical one, within which Homo Sapiens evolved on Earth, consuming certain foods along the way. Few really appreciate the massive secondary implications of evolution (in this case, that humanity evolved eating certain foods which our physical bodies became accustomed to). The imposition of ethereal moral systems upon the entirely physical human leads to interesting conflicts, with dietary restriction being one of the most invidious. Indeed, civilization as a whole is an unnatural occurrence, upon close scrutiny, with the health of the individual lost in the desire to propagate. Evolutionary fitness for a species merely refers to their relative success rate at reproducing before dying—the actual health and wellbeing of the individual is irrelevant, what is key is that they have offspring. For a neat article on this subject, consider Jared Diamond’s article “The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race” ( 
Anyway… I embraced Raw Veganism, and experienced massive weightloss. The problem with Raw Veganism, as Tom Billings elegantly articulated, is purely an issue of securing enough calories. Fears of candida initially turned me away from utilizing fruits as a primary energy source, and indeed, I relied mostly on repugnant green juices. Tom Billings and with their sound advice was a thorn in my side, as was this Nazariah fellow (, who seemed far too candid to ignore. I could not help but read the information therein, which, unlike many of the Raw Vegan gurus (unfortunately, the whole field is dominated by various strong personalities, with individuals like myself clustering around our respective senseis and becoming passionate devotees) was based on research and scholarship. The Raw Vegan books were woefully unfounded and ideological in character, and my faith in the movement was eroding rapidly. Please be aware that I am not trying to dissuade anyone from becoming a vegan—there are many reasons to do it other than for health, and indeed, believing in something (anything…) is beautiful. Again, living in a physical universe has many implications about things we take for granted, and it should be no surprise that there are many ‘pious’ vegetarians and vegans out there, as it is indeed something to believe in that you have control over.
Well, it became clear that veganism was not natural. I must stress this point—there are numerous reasons to become a vegan, but please reconsider your motivations. Even certain liberal-minded Raw Vegan gurus concede that B-12 supplementation is necessary ( How can a natural diet require unnatural supplementation? Anyway, having studied physical anthropology, it was surprising that I had not discovered the Paleolithic diet earlier. Upon grasping the gist of this dietary system, I felt enlightened. I let my hair grow out, cultivated a beard, tossed out all of my shampoos and skin products, and reincorporated meat in the form of steamed turkey into my diet (turkey, after all, was full of ‘great’ protein). However, constantly nagging me again was this feeling that I was throwing out the baby with the bathwater—sure, veganism was flawed, but clearly there were many things right about it. And indeed, the sheer logic of raw foods was unavoidable—dogma was not necessary, raw made sense just using pure reason. 
Then I came back to for a closer look, and I tell you, it was a fitting reward to a good three months of cockamamie vegetable juicing and raw broccoli munching. Everyone, this is the key— and the principles therein represent the perfect synthesis of Paleolithic nutrition with Raw foods. Under this system, both views are embraced and utilized, and the caloric question is solved elegantly. Furthermore, nothing is being sold on the website—indeed, it would appear to this skeptic and cynic that the entire affair Waisays is purely benevolently motivated, with RRM refusing a money offer in one message post, and the entire book made available to the public at no cost. Indeed, replete within the site, the book, and Wai/RRMs knowledge is cited sources, nutritional data, and outside information. You need to take nothing on faith here, as the oft-mentioned nutrient calculator so poignantly exemplifies. Indeed, Wai and RRM, for no personal gain of their own, have spent much time answering message board posts and offering information, trying to steward a small board community into nutritional well-being. 
So, I started with the sample diet, replicated utterly to the gram amount (with a hell of a lot of chives, not knowing how much exactly to put on and believing that they had a crucial nutritional component). Eventually, I came across a terrific post on the old message board (“lost the craving”) that simplified the diet greatly. I am aware and appreciative of Wai and RRM not wanting to reveal too much what they themselves consume exactly, lest they become too ‘central’ in the knowledge they disseminate. Nevertheless it was very helpful for me to see how RRM eats, as I am very sensitive to acne-causing foods (like him) and desire to gain muscle weight, having been left rather emaciated from non-Wai raw regimes. As of now I have indeed gained weight under this current diet:

Valencia Juice Oranges (Freshly juiced by hand) >1500ml (~12) Sip constantly with 50g oil/1500ml (11t)
Ripe Bananas 500g (~4) with 3t oil/125g (1.75t/banana)
Soft Dark Avocado 250g (~1)
Unfrozen Mackerel>Salmon>Maguro Fr-Su 67g at night 
Fresh Egg Yolk (Gold Circle) Mo-Th 80g (~4) at night 
Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil (Bariani)>18t 2g carbohydrate for every 1g fat overall

I am quite proud of my excel sheet, as it represents countless hours of research over the past few months. I am not particularly physically active, and so I do not include sugar in my juice, but I recognize its utility were I more active. Juicing really is the key—I was reluctant to do it at first, lest I compromise the evolutionary method of consuming the fruits whole, but again, otherwise the calorie shortage issue would rear its ugly head. Combining juice with oil really does do the trick, and I feel vital in a way I have never before. My acne has certainly diminished significantly over the past month I have been on variations of this diet, and having eliminated the nuts, I expect that it will vanish entirely. While I did experience the red sandy bumps that many wrote about, they appear to have been the result of the nuts, and I look forward to their disappearance. 
In conclusion, everything about the site, message boards, and demeanor of Wai and RRM, to me at least, smacks of sincerity, benevolence, and well-researched knowledge. There were no leaps of faith here, no suspension of disbelief—everything really is spelled out on the boards and in the book. Essentially, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you, RRM, and through you to Wai. It is really fortunate for me that I did not come across this second board in the future when it may too be dead, not ever being able to thank the two of you for the service you have rendered me. I really cannot stress enough what a relief it was to unify Raw and Paleolithic principle, and put to rest my frenzied search for dietary perfection (a fools errand I realize, but I am still young and somewhat idealistic). Having just turned 20, I am all the more fortunate that I came across this information while relatively young, and thus have all the more years ahead of me to benefit from the knowledge. Furthermore, I am now more aware than ever about proper exercising techniques, an entirely unanticipated secondary boon (I know this sounds like a panegyric, but I assure all you members and lurkers that I am an independent and unaffiliated entity). Anyway, thank you sincerely, RRM and Wai. I am happy that you are still around to be thanked, and hope that you two are content. I will do by best to disseminate your research further, and hope that this excessively lengthy post may have been illuminating to some of you fellow lurkers our there. 

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