Part 3

The Diet





Excess cutaneous moisture in the skin must be lessened to eliminate

or reduce cellulite or acne. To accomplish this the intake of salt and

'dirty' protein must be drastically decreased.

The daily diet to accomplish this consists of these three components:



2 kg / 4.4 lbs. fruits (minimally) including a few Brazil nuts, avocado, and a tomato-cucumber salad, and supplementary fruits.


50 gram / 1 ounces fresh raw fish (sashimi) or 2 to 3 fresh raw egg yolks (or more)


2 munch-food items or 1 munch-food meal to satisfy cravings.






39. Maintaining This Diet 

Part 3A 

40. Ideal Fruit-combinations

41. Fruits To Go 

42. Salads & Shakes 

43. Fruits In General 

44. About Consuming Nuts 

Part 3B 

45. About Fresh Raw Fish 

46. About Fresh Raw Egg Yolk 

Part 3C 

47. Remember That...

48. The Rules 

49. The Obstacles 

50. Cravings 

51. Traps 

52. How To Pick Munch-foods 

53. Protein Contents 

54. Single Munch-food Items 

55. Munch-food Meals 




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