The Most Important

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This is the most important section because herein lies the key to success.

Whether you will succeed in eliminating cellulite or acne depends on

whether you can control your cravings. It depends on whether you can limit the uptake of 'dirty' protein (and salt; regarding acne).

'Dirty' protein is all protein in food that has been heated of frozen in

whatever way. Yes, freezing also changes molecular structure of some of the protein (see www.13.waisays.com/cooking.htm), which you can even taste.

If you have full control, it is you who will decide how fast the cellulite goes away. Your cellulite or acne will not go away if you do not stick to the rules we give you in this section.

You have to know exactly why these rules are essential to be able to

apply them successfully. We, therefore, will first remind you what

cellulite is, and what it is not.





47. Remember That...

48. The Rules 

49. The Obstacles 

50. Cravings 

51. Traps 

52. How To Pick Munch-foods 

53. Protein Contents 

54. Single Munch-food Items 

55. Munch-food Meals 




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